Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What if....?

What if Barack Obama picks a center-Right running-mate with proven military credentials?

Well, from here, it looks like game, set and match. With more than half the electorate still disengaged, such a move would go far to mollify the vast middle, filled with apolitical independents and even some Conservatives discouraged by McCain.

It would also be yet another wink and nod to the growing “New” (mostly Conservative/“Blue Dog”) Democrats, of whom Webb is one, and another slap at the far-Left fringe groups, like MoveOn and Code Pink that supported him through the Democratic Primaries.

It would seem that there's simply no downside to Obama’s making peace with the “Blue Dog” Conservative Democrats and moving Right toward the center, because like Conservatives with McCain, the far-Left really has nowhere else to go. They CAN’T afford to vote for anyone else, so Obama can take them for granted as easily as the GOP has taken the “Christian Right” all these years.

If Barack Obama picks someone like Jim Webb, the prospects for John McCain look very dim.


Violence Worker said...

Webb took himself out of the Veepstakes yesterday. Me thinks there is some skeletons in the closet that won't hold up to Presidential level scrutiny. Wesley Clark essentially shot himself in the foot. So the choices are getting fewer.


JMK said...

I didn't see that, VW, but Wes Clarke always would've been a poorer choice, he comes off as a bit of a crackpot.

If Webb's really out, that probably gives McCain more hope, because I can't imagine an Obama-Clinton ticket doing much for his electability. Obama-Richardson might be too polarizing and that does leave him few good choices - Obama teamed with ANY Liberal is risky....he really NEEDS a centrist to have a strong shot.

Rachel said...

I'm glad Webb's out. He may come up with some good ideas like the GI Bill, but to me he's an opportunist who'll jump ship (remember he just up and left his position as Undersecretary of the Navy because Reagan did not do what he wanted) and does not take responsibility for his actions (the Senate gun issue).

JMK said...

I just saw this, "U.S. Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia said Monday that he has told U.S. Sen. Barack Obama that under "no circumstance will I be a candidate for vice president."

"Webb said he informed the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee of his decision last week.


So I guess that's a done deal, as you and VW say, Rachel.

I'm looking at this strictly from a pragmatic standpoint. Obama's GOT the Liberal vote hands down no matter what, so he's been trying to make nice with the "New Democrats" (mostly Conservative Blue Dogs) and Jim Webb a former Reagan administration official would probably be seen as someone who could galvanize both Conservative Dems (mostly "Reagan Democrats") and some disaffected Conservatives.

I don't think Wesley Clarke can do the same.

I think Webb could do for Obama, what probably only Condi Rice could do for McCain...and it seems as though both those options are out for both candidates.

I have a feeling McCain may ultimately go with Romney, a so-called "safe choice," but with the "Romney-care" mess in MA, he comes with his own baggage, but I think his other choice Bobby Jindal of La is a little short on experience, much like Barack Obama.

Right now polls look favorable for Obama and the Democrats, although the current Democratic Congess's approval ratings have hit single digits, for the FIRST TIME EVER! I still think it's probably going to be another very close race this November, though I confess that I do see a strong Democratic trend that very well could put Obama over the top.

Seane-Anna said...

Jim Webb's right of center? Isn't he a stauch opponent of the Iraq War?

JMK said...

"Right of Center is a relative term Seane-Anna.

My understanding is that Webb opposes the way the Iraq war was handled.

For that matter, so do I. We should've had more troops on the ground earlier.

Webb is far more Conservative than many "Moderate" Republicans.

defiant_infidel said...

What a mess... How's that for a shallow comment, Sir? ;)

JMK said...

It really IS a mess, DI.

Although, as this goes on, UNLESS something changes, I see this thing as the Democrat's and Obama's to lose.

McCain has hardly galvamized the base and the tide is very much against him at this point.

Things may well change, but they look pretty bleak right now.

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