Monday, July 7, 2008

Serial Killers and the Political Class

Serial Killers are, at heart, the ultimate control freaks.

Most seem far more motivated by complete control over others, then they are by violence. That is they seem primarily motivated by CONTROL and secondarily motivated by violence.

That’s why they often target pliable, malleable victims. John Wayne Gacey sought to have complete control over young boys, whom he’d handcuff via a cheap parlor trick, leading them to believe that he was demonstrating escapable handcuffs.

Jeffrey Dahmer sought to build a harem of zombie slaves that would exist solely for his own pleasure.

The sick, perverted and vile thing that ALL serial killers have in common is that they seek complete control over others...not unlike most of those engaged in the so-called “political class.”

In fact, historically, many politicians, dictators mostly, from Stalin, to Hitler, to Mao, to Pol Pot of the past, to Mugabe and Castro of today ARE, or HAVE INDEED BEEN serial killers.

Many of the rest, simply lean toward that sick, twisted perversion of controlling others. We are all very aware and very outraged by the exploits of the most notorious serial killers, but few express the same level of outrage over their political cousins. Pol Pot killed a larger percenatage of his population than did either Hitler, Stalin or Mao. Idi Amin ran Uganda into the ground and under his rule, thousands of political opponents or "suspected" political opponents simply disappeared. Stalin and mao literally starved millions of their citizens to death (Stalin killed an estimated 50 million and Mao near 100 million people), all in effort to control, to a microscopic degree, the lives of their nations citizens. Of all the viscious political monsters only Hitler rises to anything near the outrage reserved for the likes of Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacey, as he used mass murder to advance his own twisted racial theories.

Without question, the list of political murderers far surpasses the list of known serial killers, even if mass murderers, like Charles Whitman (the University of Texas sniper), Cho Seung-Hui (the Va Tech mass murderer) and Colin Ferguson (the LIRR killer) are added to that list! Perhaps that’s why America’s Founders distrusted government so much as to so severely limit government action via the First TEN Amendments (The Bill of Rights) to the U.S. Constitution.


Don said...

You definitely have a point about the limited Government perhaps being a blessing. There is no telling what situation would have arose without it.

100 million and 50 million innocent people killed...that is an absolutely outrageous amount of people murdered on the account of an agenda.

JMK said...

The sad thing, Don, is that, for the most part we (people) are our own worst enemies.

I think we all suffer from some degree of this perversity, when we envy or revel in seeing "the rich" punished, we succumb to it, but it's obviously far worse when taken to an extreme by thugs like Gacey or Dahmer, and perhaps even worse when engaged in by those we trust in government - Hitler and Stalin were initially at least, elected!

I think THAT was the genius of America's Founders, they saw government as the problem and individual rights as the solution and although the Republic they founded wasn't at all perfect, it was the greatest experiment in human liberty ever seen on this earth.

The further we stray from the principles of limited government and individualism (private property rights and personal responsibility) the closer we get to returning to the human default position of tyranny.

Thanks for stopping by and for such a thought-provoking comment.

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