Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wall Street Rejoices Tonight...AND So Should Main Street...

Did “the Catholic School Boys” bring down “the Steamroller?”

Yesterday the feds announced that FBI wiretaps had snared New York’s Governor Eliot Spitzer as “John-9” in the “Emperor’s Club” prostitution ring.

BUT Spitzer’s problems don’t end there. The feds claim he’s in violation of the Mann Act (transporting someone across state lines for the purpose of prostitution) and money laundering charges.

So where’s the “Catholic School Boys” link?

Well, late last week, the steamroller met with a number of Catholic Bishops over his demand that doctors working in Catholic hospitals be mandated to perform abortions or face the loss of their licenses. The Bishops supposedly responded that the Church would shutter those hospitals rather than allow abortions to be performed in violation of Church law.

Lots of very smart, very aggressive lawyers come out of schools like Fordham, Seton Hall, Villanova, Notre Dame. The Catholic school system is in full effect in those places. Instead of an “old boy’s network of chums,” those places are more like the cauldron that is a piranha tank, where the shrewdest and craftiest survive and the others are left by the wayside.

Lots of those Catholic School Boys wind up in places like the Treasury Department, the FBI, the NSA, etc. They’re instilled with a “a Catholic School Boy’s morality” – I don’t cheat, so you better not either.

Rudy Giuliani (PROSECUTOR and first-term MAYOR Giuliani, not post-9/11 Giuliani) was a “Catholic School Boy,” (even though he went to Manhattan College and NYU Law (he’d attended Bishop Loughlin Memorial HS) SO WAS Bill Bratton although he attended U Mass and was a Research fellow at the JFK School of government at Harvard University.

They BOTH had the “Catholic School Boy” mentality and morality. It generally doesn’t pay to mess with “the Catholic School Boys.” They tend to not only be very, very smart, they’re often very mean-spirited to crooks, thugs and “evil-doers,” of all kinds. Most people in and out of government come to know, that no matter how much you might like to fight, you really don’t to fight with those “Catholic School Boys” – they don’t just LIKE to fight, they LIVE to fight!

Was there a “Catholic School Boy’s” link that led to Eliot Spitzer being brought down?

Who knows? He had lots of enemies, including most of New York State’s Democrats. As one said, “To know him is to hate him.”

But who knew that “the great Crusader” was living a double almost Jim McGreevy-ish double life?

There’s a lesson in this for all those youthful folks, who see government as a “force for positive change.” NO ONE, but NO ONE goes into politics to “change” anything other than their own wallets. OK, maybe that’s too harsh! Let’s say that even those who DO enter that slime fest with good intentions, those who rise above the slime are few and far between.

TODAY Wall Street rejoices the demise of a man they long knew as a corrupt pol who made a joke out of public service, Main Street America should be rejoicing too! Tonight I’ll tip a glass to “Outta-bounds Byrnes” and some of those other “Catholic School Boys.”


heidianne jackson said...

but many on the left are busy bemoaning that one of their own was caught. nevermind that the guy is a creep and a loser, he's a dem.

i see that he is working with the fbi now, but i still don't believe he'll step down...

excellent post, jmk. i couldn't agree with you more on any single point.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great post indeed..he should resign stat!!

heidianne jackson said...

glad to see he did the right thing even though most of the dems and the msm thought he shouldn't resign over a "personal matter".

ever notice that if it's a scandal - especially involving sex or bribes - and it's a republican the calls for his/her resignation are quick and loud, but if you're a dem the opposite is the case?

JMK said...

I don't think he really had any choice Heidianne. The longer he stayed, the more of a story this became.

I'm betting he'll look to make any kind of deal that he can to keep the sordid details of all this from becoming part of the public record.

JMK said...

Hi Angel!

He was forced to resign. The criminal actions may proceed if he used any public funds (its suspected that he paid for the hotel rooms, as is usual, on the public dime. If he had State Troopers protecting him, he too used them on the State's payroll AND if he did that, he put law enforcement officials at risk by engaging them in his own criminal activities.

If those things can be proved, then criminal charges should be brought against him and he should do prison time.

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