Friday, March 28, 2008


Here, Jim McDermott, one of the three Congressmen who went on a Saddam Hussein-paid junket to Iraq in 2002, LIES about who sent him. Just prior to the 1-minute mark he says, "When a Seattle Church group sent me to visit Iraq in 2002..."

Why would he LIE, unless he knew it was wrong to accept a junket paid for by Saddam Hussein, the leader of a major state sponsor of interntaional terrorism?


Uncle Joe said...

Fighting Cholera in Iraq is now part of why this man was elected? Has he checked up on the bacteria levels in the water in Washington D.C.?

Talk about a quagmire! We have one right here in our own government.

JMK said...

That's the "cover," UJ!

With that, he can say, "As a doctor, my concerns were for the children..."

What I find revelaing is his claim that "When a Seattle Church sent me to Iraq in 2002..."

The "Seattle Church group" funded by Saddam Hussein?!

Oh! It wasn't "a Seattle Church group" at all, it was Muthanna Al-Hanooti, a Michigan charity official, who was charged with a felony last Wednesday, for, among other things, setting up a junket (for McDermott, Bonior and Thompson) at the behest of Saddam's regime."

I guess "Seattle Church group" sounds a lot better!

This guy McDermott is a disgrace to the State of Washington. He should run under his Muslim name - Sheik Ayim Al-Wais Lyin.

Mick Brady said...

Politics in the Age of Cholera. This is one of many, many examples of how low the Democrat Party has descended, and they ain't done yet... weren't there seven stages in Dante's Inferno?

The latest, and far, far graver offense, imho, is Jimmie Carter hopping into bed and crawling under the covers with the leader of Hamas.

He must be an immensely gifted man to have simultaneously managed to lower the image of Christianity and the Democratic Party, and to tarnish the status of past and future former presidents in the process.

Sadder still is the fact that there are many in this country who are cheering him on.

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