Monday, March 24, 2008

My FIRST Blog of the Month

Yes, it’s my blatant rip-off of Webb Sloane’s “Blog of the Week,” – I’m just a lot lazier than Webb, thus I’ve retreated to the monthly slate from his ambitious weekly schedule.

And what better way to pay homage to the founder of this “Blog-O-the” and, more importantly, avoid some nasty litigation than to make Webb’s blog “Grandma Is An Idiot” my initial “Blog-of-the Month.”

Webb has a talent for satire and writes in the voices of a number of characters – sensible, Conservative and reviled (by Webb) Grandma, naïve, gullible, liberal Webb and now another conservative, ("meat-eating, Neo-Con") Uncle Joe.

His posts are not only riveting, humorous and thoroughly enjoyable, they’re always thought-provoking and worth reading. Posts like “Americans love America Too Much,” and “Scientific Consensus: Al Gore Has Single Handedly Slowed Global Warming.”

He’s blog rolled here, but you really should stop over and check out Webb Sloane’s awesome satire.


Roadhouse said...

Great blog! As a conservative truck driver from due south of you (PA), I will quote Bill Clinton by saying, "I feel your pain".
Please check out my blog, I think you will like some of my articles. I too have written a book about the blue collar perspective. "I'M NOT HITLER! What You're Not Allowed to Know About the Real "Right Wing"" is available at and Barnes& Published by Outskirts Press.

roadhouse blog

JMK said...


I'll be checking out your blog (I look forward to it)....and thanks for stopping by.

Much appreciated!

Uncle Joe said...

Wow! Thanks for the kudos! I am honored that you would highlight Webb's blog. I will pass the word to Grandma and Webb. Webb may stop by and post a few words, too. But, he usually reserves his posts for his blog, the DU, daily kos, and the online suggestion form at the Socialist Party USA's web site.

Your blog is one of the great ones and you always have a good point to make on the issues.

Thanks again!

Uncle Joe

JMK said...

Long overdue Uncle Joe.

The GiaI blog is always well-written, highly entertaining and insightful to boot.

WomanHonorThyself said...

ah yes Uncle Joe deserves this my friend..woohoo!..wheres the party?:)

Seane-Anna said...

I have Grandma is an Idiot in PGZ's blogroll; it's listed as Uncle Joe. Nice shout out for a cool blog, JMK!

JMK said...

You're 100% right Angel....though there's a long list - many months worth for me, coming up on the ledger.

Seane-Anna, he, along with you, Barry, over at CN, Mick at Dacing in Tongues, Angel and Courtney and a few others are among very favorite bloggers!

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