Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hugo Chavez is Really, Really Pissed Off at America...


So he’s doing exactly what you’d expect a maniacal, tyrannical dictator to do – he’s preparing to invade...Columbia.

Apparently “Chavez” really does mean “Crazy-Ass” in Venezuelan!

After Columbian military forces moved into Ecuador to kill Raul Reyes, a leader of the FARC terrorist group, whom Chavez has called, “a good revolutionary”, Chavez mobilized 10 Venezuelan tank regiments along the Venezuelan/Columbian border and had his air force mobilized.

Apparently Chavez is toying with the idea of starting a regional war to defend a terrorist group.

That’s a war the U.S. almost certainly couldn’t avoid getting drawn into. Man, if he’s that outraged over having Exxon-Mobil freezing $12 Billion of Venezuelan assets worldwide, think how PO’d he’ll be when U.S. Marines are streaming across the Venezuelan border.



Uncle Joe said...

Hugo is doing what Socialists do best - paying off his citizens with government handouts to keep them quiet about his tiranny. Hush money, in a way. He has even paid off Joe Kennedy with cheap oil and convinced JK to cozy up to him.

Politicians like Hugo feel that as long as they promise enough handouts they can get away with anything, and he may be right. Obama and Clinton have promised a minimum each of over $900 billion worth of payoffs.

JMK said...

I'd change that slightly to, "Paying off citizens with government handouts is one of the best/humane things that socialists do."

Mostly, socialist tyrants murder people, especially productive, property-owning citizens who (1) don't need, nor want "free stuff," and (2) don't intend to give up their hard-earned property.

The stick is ALWAYS far bigger than the carrot.

Seane-Anna said...

So Chavez wants to start a war with Colombia over that country defending itself against Marxist terrorists? Where are the "anti-war" activists when you need 'em?

JMK said...
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JMK said...

"Where are the "anti-war" activists when you need 'em?" (Seane-Anna)

Oh, they'll be there, should the U.S. move in to assist Colombia, Seane-Anna!

They don't oppose "ALL wars." just those "based on greed."

Notice, that the anti-war crowd had no problem with our helping the Albanian Muslims in Kosovo, despite their being the FIRST to inflict genocide on the Christian Serbs.

Bottomline, the so-called anti-war activists are really anti-American activists. They revile Capitalism, and they revile America, because its been a force for good in the world.

They’re really not unlike NOW which claims to represent women, but really only represents far-Leftist women and the NAACP, which claims to represent black people, but really only represents far-Left black people - apparently it's not only OK, but even encouraged to heap racial scorn on the likes of Mike Steele and Condi Rice.

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