Friday, March 14, 2008

Government Subsidized TV...for ONLY $1.5 BILLION

As of Super Bowl Sunday, (February 17) 2009, all TV broadcasts will be transmitted in digital signal only.

The Commerce department believes that there are still some 35 million Americans with sets that don’t have a digital converter.

It hasn’t estimated how many of them could afford the converters, but Congress has authorized a TV Converter Box Coupon Plan that will allow any family to get a$40 coupon (or two) to convert their analog sets to a digital signal. Oddly enough, technology routinely renders other forms of technology obsolete (phones, PC, etc.) , but to date government doesn't pay folks to upgrade those assets. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez claims that digital television will "improve our quality life." Hmmmm, so does a good beer...

So, with that single stroke of the pen, digital TV becomes a “Universal entitlement.” That's how "Conservative," the current administration is! That's how market oriented it is, as well. Well, there's still hope, I mean, can a beer subsidy be far behind?


Rachel said...

can a beer subsidy be far behind?

I wish. My fiancee and I make beer as a hobby. Government subsidies will help us get married. Maybe buy him a new Mustang ;)

JMK said...

I generally oppose such subsidies, but since we've subsidized mink farms and chinchilla ranches, why not subsidize you and your fiancee's beer-making venture.

I'd bet the "beer subsidy" would go to a lot nicer people.

And making Marriage easier and getting a new Mustang are pretty great reasons for a subsidy, at least in my book!

I'm pulling for you guys.

Best of luck!!!

Uncle Joe said...

Yes, Americans have been hit hard by the HDTV crisis. Billions for Iraq and not a penny for HDTV sets.
Tee hee!

The government giveth and the government taketh away. Look for government control of programming as a basis for getting the government handout. Goodbye, Fox news.

JMK said...

Well, Uncle Joe, a part of that problem is that Conservatives don't fight dirty as well as some Libs do.

In a world of "Fairnesss Doctrines," it's not merely enough to OPPOSE it, you must have a Plan-B and that Plan-B must revolve around an "expanded Fairness Doctrine," one that would mandate that since Conservative voices outnumber Liberal voices by better than 2 to 1 in America, then ALL broadcast medium, PRINT, RADIO and TV must reflect that "ideological diveersity."

That Plan-B could be used to force the NY Times, for instance, to hire two Conservatives (at EVERY LEVEL, from reporter to editor) for EVERY Liberal they hire.

The solution is merely "ideological judo," you USE the policies of your opponent to destroy the policies of your opponent.

For instance, the Left has long done with by sliming "Free Speech" (which they don 't believe in) by alligning it with pornography.

Too many Conservatives arre too moral to use such tactics. Understandable, but the way I see it, socialists are sub-human, so worst case scenario, "No humans are harmed when we seek to do things that damage socialists."

Too many of us feel that we're dealing with "fellow Americans," and we're NOT.

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