Sunday, March 2, 2008

Awwww You Go Crazy Girl!!!

Just as I suspected all along, apparently Michelle Obama really is a blithering, blathering idiot.

Or maybe she just wants to sabotage her Hubby’s Presidential campaign, though personally, I'm increasingly leaning toward the former.

Speaking to a gathering of women at an Ohio daycare center recently, she advised them, “Don’t go into Corporate America”.

“We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we’re asking young people to do,” she tells the women. Adding, “You know, become teachers. Work for the community. Be social workers. Be a nurse. Those are the careers that we need, and we’re encouraging our young people to do that. But if you make that choice, as we did, to move out of the money-making industry into the helping industry, then your salaries respond.”

Yeah, making money and stuff is really over-rated.

What a dope!

Investors Business Daily made two great points in response;

“The real, productive jobs in the private sector help people in ways government can’t. A president who does not understand these things will kill the geese who lay the golden eggs — kill them with high taxes and onerous regulations and ultimately adverse economic conditions.

“Second, did the Obamas really make a tough choice to give up high-paying jobs to work in community service? The University of Chicago Medical Center reportedly pays Michelle more than $300,000 a year for her services as “vice president of community and external affairs.”

“Yeah, "Vice President of Community and External Affairs" sounds like an important service oriented job....and with a $300,000 salary, wow! I guess that's what she means by "your salaries respond".”

This one is right out of Murphy’s Laws, one of which states, “When a politician gets an idea, SHE almost always gets it wrong.”

You GO crazy girl!!!
It's quotes like that, that have earned Liberal Democrats the moniker Dumb-O-crats.


Pyronite said...

What a bad, bad post.

I suppose you don't support joining the military, either. Here is some sarcasm: how dare these people take a job for less money than they could otherwise receive!? How dare they put teaching or defense ahead of their moneyed interests!?

Encouraging people to make become involved in the future of America by moving to sectors (education, nursing) that are perennially understaffed and under qualified is, to this "workingclass conservative," a bad thing?

I sense a bit of bias here. Would you deny that? For someone who calls others "dumb-o-crats," I have some news for you:

A SOLID EDUCATION LEADS TO A PRODUCTIVE ECONOMY, especially in a society where we need to compete in services, not in toys and towels. The fact that this matter is debatable yet your posting on this is so one-sided shows just how out there you likely are.

It doesn't take a liberal or a Democrat to believe such. I suggest you look up some economists from the University of Chicago, where Milton Friedman used to teach. More importantly, try to take a step back and leave the biases of you and your peers at the door.

JMK said...

No, I believe the piece is accurate, and I believe undeniable, as written. Michelle Obama would like to see people avoid working in the PRIVATE SECTOR, in favor of working in the lower paying (and rightfully so) PUBLIC SECTOR.

Her own public sector "service" was a stint as a $300,000/year VP at a non-profit. That's called HYPOCRISY.

Look, there's no shortage of PUBLIC sector workers. The idea od such a shortage is a canard.

Now there IS a shortage of physicians, due to astronomical insurance premiums forcing many of them out of venues like NY. Some tort reform would go a long way toward fixing that problem.

The problem is that the public sector produces nothing. America is "moved forward" by its PRIVATE SECTOR....THAT'S where we need to produce more jobs, THAT'S where we need "the most qualified and competitive workers" (ergo the higher salaries) and THAT'S where all the money comes from to support a PUBLIC SECTOR.

Without question, we also NEED the Military and the police and other first responders....although those jobs produce no tangible assets, at least they provide the security required for LIBERTY (self-ownership, NOT "doing whatever one wants") and those jobs require those workers to put their lives on the line to provide that security.

As to social workers, teachers, social services bureaucrats, etc. we NEED to be able to "do MORE with LESS. That is, we need to rein in the teacher's unions and public employees unions that keep inanely trying to bulk up the ranks of those non-productive jobs.

There are a lot of social workers out there who could do very well working in the defense industry...they merely need the drive and resolve to do that.

It comes down to what one finds more rewarding, trying, as part of a bloated bureaucratic team, to teach some poor kids to read, OR developping the new weapons systems that'll keep America predominant in world affairs for a generation to come?

I went to a private Catholic school as a kid and a single Nun taught 58 kids with no problem....the same could easily be done today with a little more discipline in the classroom.

Much as I reviled those Nuns and later left that Church, the education was excellent - that education helped me do very well on a variety of standardized exams (NMSQT, PSAT, SAT and a variety of Regents exams) that today's teacher teams can't seem to get their pupils to pass.

The reason "the best and brightest" tend to gravitate toward the private sector and away from the public sector is financial remuneration (PAY).

The private sector works best because it's entirely RESULTS DRIVEN! That's why a petroleum engineer working on providing our future energy needs for Exxon-Mobil will ALWAYS earn more than some engineer or researcher working at the CDC.

In the private sector, the teachers currently working in our failing schools would all be fired for that incompetence, as would all those social workers who fail to get people off the dole and back to the work within, say, five years.

It's been said many times, "What we NEED is a private sector mentality imposed upon the public sector," but truth be told, too many public sector workers just aren't up to the rigors.

I'm just offering a blatantly honest assessment.

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