Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All You Really Need to Know About the Kos Kids...

...can be found right here;


If Bush were running against the Reverend Wright, who would you support?

George W. Bush or John McCain - 4 votes - 8 %

Reverend (Jeremiah) Wright - 43 votes - 91 %

From the author of that poll:

"The policies of George W. Bush and now supported John McCain are far more disgusting, unpatrotic, un-American, and downright indignant than anything I have heard come out of Reverand Wrights 30 seconds of craziness..."

You don't need any more evidence of the outright batshit craziness of the Kos Kids. The most generous polls have shown that less than 8%...fewer than 8 in every 100 Americans support the views espoused in the numerous Reverend Wright clips that have made the rounds recently. Moreover, an overwhelming majority of African-Americans oppose those views.

That's because there's no discernable difference between those views espoused by Reverend Wright and those espoused by the likes of Louis Farrakhan (NOI) and Tom Metzger (Aryan Nation).

In fact, it was the NOI that first made the insane claim that "America invented the AIDs virus to murder black people." Of course it was the likes of Michael Moore and other America-hating extremists who first compared American foreign policy to the terrorism if al Qaeda.

The Daily Kos and MoveOn.com are, and have long been the face of "the enemy within." Those organizations are the face of the "Hate America First" crowd.


Rachel said...

wait, isnt Metzger a Jewish last name?

Tom said...

Jews in Germany were forced to adopt German names. The rich ones took silver,gold,rubanstein etc. poor Jews took names of those they worked for and so on like blacks in the south.
I wish Jews would quit using good Germanic names.
Tom Metzger
Yes I am the one and only!But not circumsised.lol

JMK said...

You know Rachel, I'm not at all adept at that. I know there's the Irish Cline and the Jewish Klein, but some names ending in ien and ein are Jewish, others not....but historians suggest that Adolph Hitler may well have been half-Jewish himself, so it wouldn't be the first time someone with some Jewish ancestry turned against the Jews - the late Bobby Fisher did that and a recent arrest in Brooklyn of a guy who'd scrawled swastikas on Synagogue doors and had an array of guns and pipe bombs at his home, was also Jewish.

It's hard to figure that, but it happens and in all groups, I guess.

There are sick people from every group. Most people who hate, are motivated by trying to feel good (superior) at other people's expense.

JMK said...


Talk about hoaxes....almost on cue, I get a fake Tom Metzger post.

As much of a vile villain as the real Tom Metzger is, I've seen him interviewed and he too, is not prone to rambling, illogical gaffs, rife with historical inaccuracies and mis-spellings, the way say, Barely Hanging is.

In a way, that's why the far-Left has, to date, been far less a real threat than radical, racial extremists like Tom Metzger, and the late Khalid Mohammad was...at least those racial arsonists could frame an argument...and spell.

Tom said...

Sorry pal it the real me.Your response is as expected.No debate just name calling. 574-267-5036

Who wants to conserve this mess!!!

JMK said...

There was nothing to "debate."

Moreover, I made a determination, that this poster is a hoaxer and said so. I actually stated that the real extremists, like Tom Metzger and Malik Zulu Shabazz (of the New Black Panther Party) are somewhat more effective than so-called "mainstream" Leftists, like Michael Moore, etc. That was merely my own point of view, not "name-calling."

Anyone could post a link to Resist.com

If I were to argue with that viewpoint (the one espoused by the real Tom Metzger) it would be such; "Socialism, whether its Maoist, Stalinist or Hitlerian (National Socialism), does NOT work. It does not work because it violates human nature and de-incentivizes the productivity that a free market incentivizes quite naturally. Moreover, humanity's struggle is NOT a "racial one," it is an ideological one - primitivism/socialism/tribalism versus the market-based economy and America's Founding Design. For that reason, those who think their struggle is black versus white, or vice versa are wrong, because it's really a struggle between the DECENT (Liberty-loving individualists)versus the INDECENT (socialist/tribalist people). Those who don't realize that we're currently in the midst of a great ideological struggle, and NOT a racial struggle are on the wrong side of history."

Tom said...


GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Whoa JMK! Stop drop and roll baby! You are on fire!! Great work - thanks for sharing!

JMK said...


Thanks fir stopping by....and for the kind words.

Not much surprises me about the Kos Kids any more!

Seane-Anna said...

Self-hating Jews, self-hating Whites, self-hating Christians, self-hating Americans. All the Left has to offer, and all that fuels it, is self-hatred. How very, very sad; and how very, very dangerous.

Uncle Joe said...

Daily Kos is an online celebration of liberal self loathing. The scary part is, they aren't lying about it. That is really how they think, or try to think.

However, I believe the joke is on the koz kids. They truly believe George Bush embodies conservativism. They equate the notion that the U.S. should stay in Iraq and help bring stability to the country as war mongering and imperialism. They also think that people who want to bring stability to Iraq and finish the job also supported the decision to topple Hussein (Saddam not Obama) in the first place. Don't try to discuss anything with them that requires thought over emotion. It won't work.

You just can't carry on a rational discussion about such things with them. Their way of thinking is a danger to all of us.

JMK said...

It looks like "self-hate," Seane-Anna, but it's really a deep and abiding misanthropy ( a hatred of ALL other humans).

The underlying tenet of all Left-wing ideologies is PRIMITIVISM/tribalism and a utopian nostalgia for a past they don't understand and an Eden they imagine existed....or "could exist" if "we all just embraced a "share-and-share-alike" kind of credo.

In short, they're idiots!

JMK said...

Uncle Joe, while the Kos Kids are mainly a bunch of simplistic dupes, Mark Malitsos is a true believer and a truly evil man.

Yes, anyone, though especially whites, who'd claim to support a jeremiah Wright over a G W Bush, are as deranged as a black or a Jew supporting the KKK....but THAT is the mindset of the dupe - gullible, naive, completely emotion-driven.

That's why the D-Kos is really such an embarrassing spectacle.

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