Monday, November 5, 2007

And THANKS to Mike Bloomberg TOO!!!

Thanks go out to Mike (“Mayor Mike”) Bloomberg as well, for switching to the Independent Line!

What an embarrassment!
As if New York’s GOP needed any more of those.
Mike Bloomberg a registered Democrat up until late 2001 and a big Hillary Clinton supporter, was perhaps the most embarrassing pseudo-Republican in existence. A guy who embraced the Nanny State like a suckling babe and pontificated at length about “Republican values,” which sounded suspiciously like those of a Hillary Clinton-supporting Democrat’s values.
Thanks Mike, for stopping the charade and ceasing your clever campaign to humiliate the Republican Party from within.
The latest Mayor Mike goofiness has to do with his directing the FDNY to fire John Schroeder, a seventeen year veteran firefighter diagnosed with both severe lung disorder and post traumatic stress syndrome in the wake of finding a friend's remains at Ground Zero.
Just days after his disability retirement was approved, the city sought to terminate him "as an example to other firefighters as to the dangers of using drugs."
An administrative law judge just recently ruled against the city, cautioning them that the termination of a worker the city's own health services classified as "disabled" will almost certainly result in a lawsuit exposing the city to liability.
WoW! It's almost too much, Nanny State micro-managing the people's private lives via all sorts of smoking, trans fats and other bans, a push for "congestion pricing for anyone entering Manhattan via vehicle and a complete lack of compassion for a man, administrative law judge Kevin Casey said, "literally sacrificed his mental and physical well-being for his job and the people of New York." I mean, that's really almost too much of a good thing!


Rachel said...

what a yutz! He obviously has no grasp of public sympathies or common sense or political pr. This makes W look like Clinton (without the skirt chasing)

JMK said...

Yeah, Mayor Mike's been pretty ham-handed about a lot of things during his tenure.

One of the WORST was his recent declaration that a cop, who died of cancer in his forties, after working the pile at Ground Zero for months, was "NOT a hero."

What a dope!

One Medical Examiner declared a direct link between that cop's condition and another declared no link.

After the second ME made his accounting, Bloomberg made that tasteless remark, an insult to that guy's family and all the people who work for the NYPD.

I don't get the attraction so many people have for "Mayor Mike," but then again, I never have.

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