Monday, October 29, 2007

The MYTH of an Earlier More Liberal America

There's this inane idea, mainly popular among the delusional Left that "Many good Americans have been conned, by the likes of Limbaugh, Grant and Savage, into embracing Right-wing extremism."

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

The MSM has always been predominantly Center-Left in an a country that is overwhelmingly Center-Right.

My father was about as Conservative as Zell Miller is. Even though he was a Democrat, he reviled the Kennedy's (and that's JFK & RFK, not poor, pathetic Teddy), saw Walter Cronkite as a "hopelessly naive Liberal," and twenty years later became a Reagan-Democrat.

The MYTH that America was once more Liberal than it is today is just that, a MYTH.
The likes of Limbaugh and Grant didn't convert millions of would-be Liberals to Conservatism, that could more readily be argued about those who've embraced the predominant Liberal positions of the MSM! They've been at it for nearly a century with rather poor results. Hmmmm, and that begs the question, are they arguing that they're that bad at converting others, or the likes of Limbaugh are that good?

In fact, Talk Radio (the Limbaugh's, Grant's, etc) merely "touched a nerve" that resonated with this overwhelmingly Center-Right country. FoxNews tapped into the very same nerve.

This is a country in which 2/3s of the people support Capital Punishment, oppose gay marriage, oppose Third Trimester abortions, in which over 70% support an "Enforcement First" approach to the CRIME of illegal immigration, nearly 80% oppose Kelo's expansion of Eminent Domain and in which only about one third support race/gender-based preferences - THAT'S the definition of a Center-Right nation!

And those folks weren't convinced or converted to those positions, they were the positions that the majority of Americans (like my Dad) held back a half century ago, when the MSM was monolithically Liberal.
Look at it this way, if Liberals aren't just "dupes" who've been conned into their beliefs by a very Liberal MSM and a rabidly Left-wing academia, then Conservatives are not, by and large, people who've been conned or converted to those positions by "Johnny-come-lately's" like Limbaugh, Grant, etc.

Hmmmm, I guess there's some "good news/bad news" in that for Libs.

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