Tuesday, September 25, 2007

America On The Issues





A Harris Poll released on Tuesday, September 18th, had some interesting results as to where Americans stood on the major social issues. For instance;

ONLY 19% of Americans OPPOSE the Death Penalty.

Likewise, ONLY 19% of Americans OPPOSE stem cell research.

Only 19% OPPOSE the Separation of Church and State, meaning that a large plurality of the “Christian Right” SUPPORTS that separation.

A surprising 39% of Americans SUPPORT Physician Assisted suicide.

ONLY 36% (still more than I thought) SUPPORT affirmative action, though many who support “outreach and recruitment DON’T support preferences based on race and gender.

While some 40% of Americans SUPPORT “gay rights,” ONLY 31% SUPPORT same-sex Marriage.

Turns out that I’m WITH the majority of Americans on virtually EVERY issue!

Is THIS a great country or WHAT?!

SEE: http://www.nypost.com/seven/09192007/news/nationalnews/the_issues_that_count.htm

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