Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Happened to All the Cynics???

At Cynical Nation (CN) of course!


Barry has been a great, thought-provoking blogger for years. I actually ran into him inadvertently at another discussion board many moons ago.

We don’t always agree, Barry’s somewhat more Libertarian than I am these days, but Barry’s posts have always been thought-provoking and his verbal style is impeccable, with friend and foe alike.

Sadly, since July 23rd, there’ve been only ten posts on CN...and Barry’s email link apparently isn’t working, as I’ve tried contacting him and gotten my emails back as undeliverable.

I hope it’s just a temporary hiatus, because Barry’s one of the best!

I consider myself fortunate to have run across him. He’s never failed to make me think twice...and his comments section has provided me hours of (at times testy) enjoyment.


PoorGrrl said...

Hi JMK! So you're the Working Class Conservative!!! I just now put 2 and 2 together. I didn't realize that the blog I left a comment on just a few days ago--on the Afrikaner post--is written by the JMK who left such nice comments on PGZ. What a small world, er, blogosphere! :) I will add WCC to my link list today. Thanks for taking the time to read my blogs, JMK. I'm glad you enjoy them, and I enjoy yours!

JMK said...

Like I said, I LOVE your blogs.

Quite a range, in all FIVE of them.

At this point, it would seem that "black Conservatives" are few and far between, but with Michael Steele, Lynn Swann, J.C. Watts, etc., they are growing in numbers and influence.

THAT is a very vital change that America really needs. The Liberal Democrat's message of "government dependancy for all" shouldn't have such a majority hold over any ehtnic group.

Rachel said...

I'm wondering what's happened too. I hope everything's ok. The great things about CN and this blog (as well as Instapundit and Stubborn Facts) is that regardless of ideology, we care for the well being of each other.

JMK said...

Yup Rachel, they're great folks over there and Barry's one of the most diplomatic of the bloggers I've run across.

I know Barry's taken some vacation time away from the blog and back in early August said, "I'm finally breaking the past two weeks of radio silence to say - that I won't be posting for the next two weeks either. But that lack of posting was accidental; this one is deliberate. I'm going to Maine to recharge the ol' batteries and such. Perhaps when I come back I'll actually find politics interesting again." maybe , he's just burned out on the political scene. A lot of folks are lately.

Rachel said...

I want to take a vacation too, but there seems to be too much craziness and trainwrecking for me to step away. But I just might have to.

I need to learn that song "stuck in the middle"

JMK said...

Rachel, I think we all need to "get away" from time to time, and I'd agree that neither Barry, nor anyone else owes us an explanation when they take some time.

It's always good to exchange ideas with those we disagree, THAT always has the potential for a "learning experience" that exchages of complete agreement rarely lead to.

As for that Steeler's Wheel song Stuck in the Middle With You, did you ever see Reservoir Dogs?

That song was used in a particularly gruesome scene....great song....great flick (one of, if not Tarantino's very first)....and I say that convinced that Quentin Tarantino is, more often than not, a real dork!

BNJ said...

Gosh, thanks for the sentiment. :)

Yeah, I'm coming off the biggest case of blogger burnout in (my) history. I'm working on a bit of a facelift for the old blog and hope to be back at it soon.

JMK said...

I think some of that is only natural Barry, considering the length of time you've ben at it and the current, rather sad state of affairs.

When Rudy looks like the best of the lot, things are pretty bleak.

His recent mugging for the media, while addressing the NRA was bad enough (yet another constituency alienated by that "Giuliani charm") and Thompson's less than stellar coming out, have heightened the sense of a GOP implosion, but the Dems (God bless'em) can't help themselves.

They've taken to outlining massive tax increases and just approved even MORE eavesdropping by the NSA, after giving the current administration the $150 Billion it wanted for the war in Iraq.

As some commentators have noted, "With 74% of the American people opposing that outlay, it looked like a profile in political cowardice on their parts."

At any rate, I've had my own self-imposed hiatus lately due to computer problems. My Hard Drive crashed Saturday (9/29) and I got it up and running again only to have it crash again a couple days later.

I was thinking of getting a new HD, but opted for a new PC instead, figuring, as I would with a car, that past a certain point, it's a money thing after another - the HD this week, the video card the next, etc.

Hopefully I'll be up by the end of the week. For now I'm using my wife's PC for short stints.

BNJ said...

Sorry to hear that. Computer problems suck. I recently had to get a new one too, and it seems perversely true that each *new* laptop I get is progressively *worse* than the one it's replacing. :-(

JMK said...

Yeah, that's very true.

Probably more "planned obsolesence" in action.

That often seems true for the new operating systems too. I know we're in the midst of the "Vista" revolution, but I made sure I bought a system that had XP on it.

At least I'm familiar with it and having dealt with Windows Millenium, I'm loathe to try out another new Windows product.

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