Monday, September 17, 2007

So Rosie’s Crazy? Where’s the News in THAT?!

According to at least one psychiatrist, “Rosie O'Donnell is full of rage, has a profound distrust of men, craves public adoration, shows signs of post-traumatic stress disorder and dishes out her anger mostly to women because of deep-seated abandonment issues over her mother's death.” Dr. Robert Butterworth made those observations after reading O’Donnell’s latest memoir, "Celebrity Detox."

As the NY Post notes, “Hitting the shelves Oct. 2, the book is a Freudian frolic down memory lane that lays bare O'Donnell's man-hating and mummy-hungry adult ways, while revealing clues to a secret trauma from her troubled Long Island childhood, two shrinks say.”

According to Butterworth, “O'Donnell has insight into her neuroses - but is unable to control them, or change her behavior.” Dr. Robert Butterworth is a Los Angeles clinical psychologist who has done extensive work in the area of childhood trauma.

So, Rosie’s crazy?!

So are most far-Left people! Where’s the news in that?

Throughout our entire recorded history mankind has struggled against scarcity, lack and limitation in terms of land and resources. Man has been at war with the earth and with other tribes of men for all of recorded history.

That much is undeniable.

In fact, up until the late 18th Century, the fate of most men had been one of slavery and involuntary servitude to various nobles and government functionaries.

A collection of well-bred, well-educated geniuses changed that when they started the “American experiment” in 1776.

That experiment proved that a people free from government coercion and intrusion produce the most prosperity for the most people and the American experiment went merrily along through the first third of the 20th Century, when a modern era has tried to tinker with increasing the amount of government involvement.

Those who believe in socialism – that people have a right to expect that government take care of at least their most basic needs, are generally severe neurotics who have little understanding of the history of man and the nature of power and the natural inclination of those who wield it to abuse.

OK, so Rosie’s crazy! So is virtually every far-Left loon!

That’s why they call them “Loons!”


Mick Brady said...

No news whatsoever, but then, we don't decide such important matters; we just get to reveal the truth about them..

Speaking of that, did you know that
Madonna flew into Israel on the eve of the Jewish New Year to attend a Kabbalah conference there? Did you know that Rosie O'Donnell and a few other celebs flew in for the event as well?

Now, even the ancient religion of Judaism is being contaminated. Is nothing sacred anymore?

jeremayakovka said...

How encouraging and even gratifying to read this.

I know this is sort of socialistic, but I wish big celebs - who routinely make 6-figures and are often worth 7 - should have to perform, for like one month out of the year, some super-humble community service job. For Rosie, let's say: being a janitor in a men's gym.

JMK said...

Madonna and company don't see Kabbalah as part of a religion Mick, they see it as some sort of New Age alchemy that'll transform their souls...ironically, the very "souls" they claim they don't believe in.

JMK said...

Jere, that's the impetus for socialism.

Anyone who's ever worked for a living knows intuitively the value of labor. I understand that a heart surgeon's skills are far more vaulable than mine, ditto a patent lawyer, bond trader, etc.

"Artists," such as they are, never seem to fit into the "working mold," therefor they seem to have a huge problem understanding basic skills valuation.

Afterall, their own skill sets aren't normally, or perhaps I should say, not consistently valued very highly - a few actors, writers and singers make huge amounts of money, while most spend most of their lives looking for their "big break."

In a very real sense, successful artists live in a sort of bizarro world.

You're right that some humbling community service would probably do quite a few of them a lot of good.

Then again, it didn't seem to have much of an impact on Naomi Campbell earlier this Summer.

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