Friday, September 21, 2007

McNabb Plays the “Race Card”

Maybe Rush Limbaugh was right.

Well, OK, Limbaugh wasn’t right that the NFL gave McNabb a race-based preference, he was/is a talented quarterback, but Terrell Owens (TO) was certainly more accurate when he said that McNabb just “wasn’t a winner.”

Unfortunately for him and for Eagles fans, he’s not a First Tier QB...not even close.

And so, he’s been criticized.

Now Donovan McNabb seems to assert that he believes that much of the criticism is leveled at him simply because he’s black.


The most criticized QB in the NFL over the last two years has been Chicago Quarterback, Rex Grossman, who hasn’t lived up to the expectations his talents placed on him.

Hmmmmmm, in fact Grossman and McNabb have suffered pretty much the same problem – both were projected to have First Tier talents, but that just haven’t come through on the field.

Grossman is younger and hasn’t been as injured as McNabb, but both have suffered the same problem and yet, over the last two years, no QB has faced as much wrath as Rex Grossman.

I feel for McNabb. I’d defended him when Limbaugh basically called him a “quota quarterback,” though I couldn’t really disagree with TO’sview that Philly would’ve “won with a quarterback like Brett Farvre.

The problem is that McNabb sees himself as a first tier QB, just as the fans expect him to be. Hey! You NEED an ego like that to survive in professional sports.

Problem is, McNabb’s just NOT, at this point in time, a first tier QB, like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, or Brett Farvre. McNabb’s a second tier quarterback, like Chad Pennington, Jeff Garcia and Ray Bolger. They’re all good quality QBs, just NOT first tier ones.

McNabb told interviewer James Brown that “black quarterbacks had to do more then their white counterparts,” but when asked to give a single example, he couldn’t.

This is a pandemic plague. So many of us can’t seem to accept that everything that goes wrong isn’t someone else’s fault. It isn’t always “racism,” “sexism,” or "ageism,” sometimes things just don’t work out, or we just don’t measure up. Sometimes, we're just dealt a bad hand, or we run into people with even more talent and ambition than we have.

Donovan, you’re NOT a first tier QB who’s over-criticized, you’re a second-tier QB who has frustrated the hell out of Eagles fans!
And Eagles fans are and always have been a surly bunch. They booed Norm Snead, they booed Ron Jaworski and they even booed Santa Clause!

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