Friday, September 21, 2007

Let’s Bring Them Here!...

The Rapport newspaper in South Africa writes: “South Africa’s 3-million Afrikaners — all multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethnic — are being forced back into the stone-age by the current ANC-regime’s laws which bars such ‘whites’ from the labour market.

“South Africa has about 4.5-million “whites” of whom 3-million are Afrikaners.

“Rapport newspaper published an extensive survey this week of the current living conditions of the country’s Afrikaner community — and has found that they have now returned to identical destitution as they had been plunged into shortly after the Anglo-Boer war in 1902 right up to the Great Depression of the 1930s. During those years, the ‘poor white’ problem in South Africa was even highlighted by an international Red Cross report at that time—and international aid funding was made available to try and alleviate the destitution of poor Afrikaners in those years...
“...In 2006, there were 900,000 unemployed ‘white’ people in South Africa now — all living in total destitution.
“380,000 are men, and 610,000 are women—who are not only unemployed, but permanently unemployable due to the ANC-regime’s blacks-only hiring laws for the entire labour market.”
Since we’ve already invited virtually every unskilled migrant worker (along with a few child-rapists and drug dealers) into our midst, why NOT invite THESE folks who actually have some of the skills we WANT – a high level of education, multi-lingual people with a strong work-ethic.
We’re supposed to be in the midst of overhauling our immigration codes, ostensibly to allow in more people with skills we can use, while denying access to those without skills, while allowing some room for refugees from brutal regimes, like Castro’s Cuba, etc.
Well, in this case, the Afrikaners fit the bill in two ways; (1) they are “multilingual people with a high standard Western education and a protestant work ethnic and (2) subjects of the brutal, tyrannical ANC regime.
We divested in South Africa over the Boer’s ugly “whites only” Apartheid program, so consistency dictates that we take the same stance AGAINST the ANC’s equally despicable “blacks only” policy.
Taking in these refugees would bring us an educated populace, many of them multi-lingual, with a strong work-ethic.
It’s a veritable WIN-WIN!!! We'd get immigrants with actual SKILL-SETS we need and South Africa gets rid of a group they apparently don’t want!


Mick Brady said...

This is a great idea. Unfortunately, your call for consistency will likely fall on deaf ears. Political correctness dictates that it is virtually impossible for any white man, any where in the world, to be oppressed by a black man. Couldn't happen. How silly of you to expect logic or consistency in this matter.

I'd love to invite them here, though. How would we go about it?

PoorGrrl said...

Great post! Like mick brady, I'd love to invite the Afrikaners here too, but they'd be barred by political correctness not only for being white, but also for being Christians. The last people the liberal/left wants more of in America are white Christians, the people who're needed the most. And I'm saying this as a Black person.

JMK said...

Well Mick, the Afrikaners and the whites of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) are living proof that there are whites currently living under genocidal black regimes.

I don't like saying this, (I'd like to be a better person, but I have to be honest to do that), but I'm reveling in the complete implosion of Rhodesia's (I mean Zimbabwe's) economy.

Stupid policies lead to stupid and terrible results.

Same thing here, with the Afrikaners, reviled by both the English whites and the ANC blacks, they should qualify for political refugee status, if anyone does.

As to "How would we go about it," a fair question, perhaps merely making it known that they would hold political refugee status, like the Cubans, would be enough...though I'm not sure.

JMK said...

I LOVE your blogs poorgrrl!

And I'll get around to blog-rolling you ASAP.

Just to be fair, I'd extend the same refugeee status for the Christians and other non-Muslims of Darfur (The Sudan), as they too are obviously suffering at the hands of a genocidal Muslim regime.

The West is in serious trouble in its confrontation with Sharia-based Islam (as you know...I saw your posts on Ateefa's story) and it's fortunate that Europe is beginning to wake up - France electing Sarkozy & Germany replacing Schroeder with Merckel, are good signs!

But we are in trouble. Our political correctness may yet annihilate us.

Thanks for posting and I'm glad I found your blogs!

Mick Brady said...

I, too, am glad I found your blogsite and will add you to my blogroll as well. You got me with the line, Hell Yeah I'm Islamophobic!

Btw, Lawrence Wright, author of The Looming Tower, interviewed Raymond Ibrahim, author of The al'Qaeda Reader on C-span's Book TV yesterday - a brilliant discussion of the truth about Islam and what believers are commanded to do in the Koran and the Hadith. No middle ground there, folks.

If you can't catch it on tv, you can download a podcast of it on the C-Span website.

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