Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Asians vs. Latin Americans: Two Different Types of Immigrants


The Washington Post carries an interesting analysis of new Census Bureau data comparing Asian immigrants to Latin American immigrants. The numbers are starting.

Locally and nationally, the Asian-born register far higher than the Latin American-born on every socioeconomic scale. Fifty-eight percent of the area’s Asian-born residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared with 19 percent of the Latin American-born. Fifty-five percent of the Asian-born work in managerial or professional jobs, compared with 20 percent of the Latin American-born.

According to that WaPo study, then, we should be encouraging MORE Asian immigration and far LESS Latino immigration.


mal said...

And you can add this fact:

On no ballots will you see alternatives for Asians only.

When you call for info from, say Verizon, will you hear the voice say "For Japanese, press 3"?

"For Korean, press 4"?

"For Vietnamese, press 5"?


Because these people get it, JMK. They don't ask that we dumb down our society to accomodate them. Rather, they make the effort to assimilate!

What a concept!

No other minority in the history of our nation has ever come close to demanding that they be treated differently because they cannot or will not learn our language as the Hispanics have done.

Along with their overseers in the Democratic party who only see votes and a possible perpetuity of congressional power thanks, we have seen the tradional role of immigrants stood upon its proverbial head.

It is now our responsibility to accomodate them rather than for them to learn to be Americans.

JMK said...

No question Mal.

And the Asians have something ALL of American culture used to have a sense of "SHAME," which is really a sense of honor and familial pride.

It goes without saying that there have always been people of high quality that cut across all ethnic lines, but this study seems to show that the kind of people who come 5000 miles to forge a new life, are a significantly different than those wwho merely cross an invisible border for some temporary menial work, or for more nefarious reasons.

As to the Liberal-wing of the Democratic Party, their nature is to pander, their impulse is to admire anyone who reviles individualism and fending for one's self.

gerry rosser said...

I, for one, think the real issue is illegal immigration. I have no numbers on legal Hispanic immigration vs. legal Asian immigration. I have no info on whether the statistics to which you refer mean legal Hispanic immigrants, or all Hispanic immigrants.

We allow more legal immigration into our country than (now I'm on shaky ground!) than the rest of the developed world combined (or maybe the rest of the whole world). About 2,000,000 per annum, as I recall. If we cracked down utterly on illegal immigration, who in the world has the right to bitch?

I think the first, and most important, thing which can be done if we really want to fight terrorism, is spend whatever it takes controlling our borders. Controlling. Not sort of controlling, not a stab at it, not a nod and a wink. Control. If we stopped wasting bazillions on "Iraq" we'd have money (well, borrowed money!) to undertake border control.
And, in my view, border control includes cargo control.
Whatever it takes.
I still don't care a fig for the fictitious "country" of "Iraq."

JMK said...

I agree with you on ILLEGAL immigration Gerry. It shouldn't be part of the "immigration debate," as it belongs in the "illegality debate."

I think the WaPo's stats are on all Asian and Hispanic immigrants.

Although many groups pale in comparison to the Asian immigrants here.

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