Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Could This be the Perfect Solution From a Radical Environmentalist Perspective???

The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that 1 Billion people worldwide will die from smoking this Century!

That’s tragic to those who respect human life, but it should make environmentalists, many of whom inanely see human life as “the enemy of earth,” ecstatic! After all, many environmentalists are always going on about “too many humans polluting the earth.”

Better still, at least for the enviro anti-humans, while smoking rates declining across the board in developed nations, they are skyrocketing in developing nations, especially among teens.

This should make environmentalists extremely happy, since it’s developing nations that are responsible for an increasing amount of pollution. China recently passed the US as the world’s premier CO2 emitter.

Opponents of the anti-human environmental ideology like to point to the fact that the earth is incredibly regenerative and is great at balancing itself. Perhaps increasing smoking and lung cancer rates in the developing world are “the earth’s means of pollution offsets.”



mal said...

PLUS, think of the savings for our overstretched social security system!

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette!

JMK said...

Yes, when you look at human tragedies from that perspective, they can have a silver lining.

It's just amazing how the anti-human enviro-radicals never get called for actually endorsing what amounts to mass genocide...there've been any number of enviro-radicals who've endorsed the view that "less people = less pollution."

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