Tuesday, January 9, 2007

UPDATE: Jamil Hussein (apparently) speaks...

On his blog, that is.

There is indeed a Jamil Hussein blog (at http://jamilhussein.com/ where else) with some really great posts, like this one;

Why Do We Fight

By: Capt. Jamil Hussein

Westerners often argue about the causes of sectarian violence in Iraq.

Is it Shia vs. Sunni?

Is it all sponsored by those cocksuckers in Iran?

Is it about the oil?

No! None of these things is the reason. The reason, I am sad to tell you, is because Iraq has no Craigslist.

Lebanon has Craigslist. Egypt has Craigslist. Even those swine in Pakistan have Craigslist! Pakistan!

What do Pakistanis need Craigslist for? Most of them have no teeth! They are like Indians who forgot how to cook! What good is Pakistan Missed Connections when all the women are wearing the same outfit and have the same color eyes? It makes no sense!

I would rather have genital herpes and no fingers to scratch in Iraq than to own six wives and a 1000 head of goats in Pakistan.

So the next time you hear some idiot talking about violence in Iraq, you'll know who to blame. It is Craig Newmark, sipper of weak American coffee in vegan coffee shops in San Francisco who is responsible. It would be less offensive to be anally penetrated by Moqtada Al-Sadr than to shake the hand of this dog Newmark.

I beg of you to contact your congressmen and ask them to force Craigslist to expand to Iraq.

Capt. Jamil Hussein

I don't know, sounds about right to me! Even I'd rather get "anally penetrated by Moqtada Al-Sadr than shake hands with Craig Newmark," well, OK maybe not, but I'd certainly "rather have genital herpes and no fingers to scratch in Iraq than to own six wives and a 1000 head of goats in Pakistan," mainly because I really hate curry.


Jill said...

Has it ever occurred to you that what you think is real is a parody blog?

I thought not.

JMK said...

The "Jamil Hussein Blog?"

Of course it is!

I posted it to be funny.

There's no "Capt Jamil Hussein!

At least not the one the AP says exists.

The one policeman that Iraq found with a name close Jamil Hussein, doesn't work in the station the AP said he did and claims he never spoke to them.

In Lebanon, the AP relied upon the mysteroius "Green Helmet" (who was obviously a member of Hezbollah), they've used photogrpahs and acccounts from anti-American insurgents and used both enemy sources and fictionalized characters to allow them to insert their own views on the war into their news accounts.

What isn't funny at all is the MSM's penchant, a penchant they routinely try to play down ("Jayson Blair was a rogue reporter" - How about Duranty and Cooke???) and deny it's anything close to their SOP - editorializing within news accounts, fictionalizing news accounts, making up both characters and sources for their accounts.

That's the big problem with America's MSM, has been for about a half century - it's overwhelmingly peopled by Left-wing idealogues, generally people of mediocre minds, weak in math and the hard sciences (with very few exceptions), intent on "persuading or "indoctrinating" rather than informing.

THAT'S a huge problem Jill and probably a big part of the reason so many Americans have been turned off by the MSM for decades.

Hey! Thanks for stopping by, it's always good to hear from the "other side."

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