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By now, it's well known that ABC suspended Brian Ross for erroneously reporting that, General Flynn told investigators that, "Candidate Donald Trump asked him to speak to the Russian ambassador."

THAT turned out to be false, or in some people's parlance, "FAKE" news.

It doesn't matter the source, when false and misleading information is reported, it really IS "fake news."

The "Hands up, don't shoot" narrative from Ferguson was false...or "fake news."

So, Brian Ross was either mistaken, or deliberately misleading. In either case, he gave false hope to many who desperately want to see Trump impeached.

There's NOTHING wrong with hating Trump, any more than there was anything wrong with hating Bill Clinton, GW Bush, or Barack Obama. People have a right to hate others for ANY reason, or no reason at all. That's called individual Liberty...and that's a wonderful thing.

There is, of course a difference between reviling Trump and being obsessed with his though he'd come into your home and taken a shit in your favorite cereal bowl.

Rosie O'Donnell, Kathy Griffin, Debra Messing, Whoopi, Robert DeNiro, and Joy Behar are numbered among the obsessed.

The morning after Brian Ross's erroneous report, Joy Behar read the transcript of that report on "The View," further misleading many viewers of that show.

Here's the reality. It was perfectly legal for citizen Trump to do business in Russia and the Ukraine, Turkey, etc. That complicates any investigation. Trump's business dealings are outside the scope of our legal system. To paraphrase AlGore, in 2000, "There's no overriding legal authority." Hell, GE's CEO Jeff Immelt (when GE owned NBC/MSNBC) violated our sanctions against dealing with Iran and as a result, many of the IEDs used in Iraq had GE components. That was NOT charged as treason, nor any other wouldn't have been, had it been Trump, or almost ANY private citizen who'd done that either. As a general rule, we DO NOT conflate commerce with treason. After all, Calvin Coolidge was and remains right, "The business of America IS business."

Moreover, it was perfectly legal and appropriate for President Elect Trump to reach out to Russia, China, Turkey, England, Azerbaijan, etc., etc., ostensibly to set up lines of communication with the incoming administration.

Hillary Clinton approved the sale of the company Uranium One to Russia. I'd say, "that wasn't charged as a crime" either but in light of a major paid speaking engagement in the Ukraine for Bill Clinton, shortly after that sale, Trey Gowdy's Committee is looking into pursuing charges against Mrs. Clinton. Apparently NOT treason charges...however.

The truth is, it's a VERY difficult, uphill fight, with long odds against indicting Donald Trump.

AND, even if impeachment proceedings were brought, he'd certainly do what Bill Clinton up (at taxpayer expense) and run government as his legal team fights impeachment charges, a fight which could easily take until the next election (or after) to conclude and making a martyr out of him to tens of millions of voters in the process.

In other words, WHY bother?

For those obsessed over the idea that, "Donald Trump stole the 2016 election"; (1) he DIDN'T and (2) get used to disappointments.

I'm from NY, and I don't really like Trump all that much (although I LOVE that he hijacked the GOP...and REALLY LOVE what he's doing to this political-media class), but I can see the realities. After hijacking the GOP. He was handed the election by a misguided DNC that decided to stay with an extremely flawed and gravely ill candidate (HRC) that even a full bore mass media campaign couldn't salvage.

So, to paraphrase those mobsters who killed Joe Pesci's character ("Tommy DeVito") in "Goodfellas"....He won..."and dats couldn't be helped and der's nuttin we could do about it."

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