Monday, May 22, 2017

NO! Your Fat Ass is Making You Look Fat!

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MSNBC's Brian Williams

THIS is priceless. Recent polls show most Americans DO NOT trust the "U.S. media," some claiming as many as 96% don't trust our media any more, but Brian Williams thinks it all Trump's fault. (

That's NOT new. It's NOT a recent, or even relatively recent phenomenon...AND it ISN'T Trump's or Obama's's the fault of those in the media.

It's things like this (…) a major newspaper running 2 divergent headlines on the very SAME day. It's the media's running with the obviously false narrative out of Ferguson, "Hands up Don't Shoot," AND it's folks like Brian Williams embellishing his own actions and fictionalizng "news reports."

Who does he think he is, Hillary Clinton?

It would be smart of Brian Williams to keep quiet on an issue like issue so close to home for him, but Williams has never been known to do "the smart thing."

I can't believe this lying hack found work in the minor leagues (MSNBC)...the "news porn" station.

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