Tuesday, May 16, 2017


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Tolerance, inclusion, multiculturalism, reproductive choice, gay rights are hallmark Liberal values.

Unfortunately TODAY, those values are at odds...with each other. Tolerance and inclusion of Muslims means tolerance and “coming to terms,” or “making an arrangement with” Sharia law, which is fundamentally intolerant, non-inclusive, anti-gay and anti-democratic.

The source of so much of the Western Left’s misunderstanding of Islam centers around the fact that there is NO SUCH THING as "Radical," or "Fundamentalist" Islam, THERE IS only traditional Islam...that's all.

Any Muslim who doesn't adhere to traditional Islam and strict Sharia Law is NOT a practicing true Muslim.

The problem for Western Leftist and Liberal values is that traditional Islam intolerant, non-inclusive, opposed to women's rights and insists upon the death penalty for gays and apostates.

Islamic Jihadism is an unlikely, even an unwilling ally to Western Nationalists and anti-globalists/One Worlders, but they are, at heart, anti-globalist and are diametrically opposed to many of the core tenets of Western Liberals, like tolerance, multiculturalism, reproductive choice, gay rights, etc.

Most Western Leftists are in denial. There are few Bill Maher's, far more Gloria Steinem's, who, on Bill Maher's show said, "There are many Arab-Muslim feminists in the Middle East."

The truth is, few, VERY FEW Muslim women object to Sharia’s “protections” for women, just as there are NO/ZERO "gay Muslims." Homosexuality is not merely a sin in Islam, it’s a crime under Sharia Law.

For Left-leaning, globalists/One Worlders BOTH paths forward for humanity look bleak, either a hard-right Nationalist future that is at least Western, in outlook, OR one rooted in the harsh realities of Sharia, death to female adulteresses, homosexuals, apostates, among other crimes, along with Honor Killings prescribed for promiscuous females and third-class social status for non-Muslims.

Traditional Islam is a devout enemy of Leftist Western Globalism/One Worldism. Western Leftists have made clear that they revile Western Nationalists far more than they do Jihadists. They DO NOT oppose freedom of speech for the most extreme Jihadists (and they SHOULDN’T), but they DO oppose free speech for the Ethno-Nationalist Right! For their part, Western Nationalists SHOULD BE even more opposed to Leftist Western globalists/One Worlders than they are to Islamic Jihadism.

Sadly, that’s just how this dynamic will ultimately play itself out.

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