Monday, April 24, 2017

Seriously?! Things Are Looking Even WORSE (IF That's Even Possible) for United Airlines...

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So anyway...funny know that airline that just booted TWO paying customers off planes in 2 separate incidents: the one we've all seen the video of (…/united-passenger-david-dao-chicag…) AND this guy (…/la-fi-lazarus-united-low-priority-…) has also spent HUGE amounts of cash fighting consumer oriented legislation (…/united-airlines-spent-millions-fighti…).

I KNOW! That's a knee slapper isn't it?

So THAT is the "Corporate culture" at United Airlines.

According to reports, "Center for Responsive Politics found that during the last two-year session of Congress, the airline spent $7.26 million to fight legislation that included measures to create minimum airline seat sizes; require airlines to allow families to sit together on flights; and prohibit airlines from charging customers to use an airplane bathroom."

Compounding the issue, "United backed up those lobbying expenditures with millions of dollars of campaign contributions to federal lawmakers and political committees - and it is a member of a lobbying group seeking to delay proposed rules requiring airlines to more transparently disclose their fees."

So, United Airlines treats its paying customers like dirt AND spends the profits lobbying government to allow them to treat them even worse.

It's uncanny, just a few years ago the airlines made news being among the worst employers! So they treat EVERYONE like crap....well, everyone EXCEPT for the scum on their Board of Directors, I guess.

Where do you get those heat seeking missiles from, again?

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