Thursday, March 23, 2017

WHAT...Am I Missing?!

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A rally in New Jersey opposing the deportation of Catalino Guerrero had Cardinal Tobin, the Arch-Bishop of Newark defending Mr. Guerrero as, "A man who's worked hard, paid taxes and has no criminal record."

Isn't that the LOWEST possible bar?

Kinda like saying, "Come on, let him stay, sure he took a job by working for lower wages than any American could/would work for, as far as we know, he's paid taxes and he isn't a piece of sh*t criminal, what more do you want?"

It's Church leaders like Cardinal Tobin who make me glad I'm not religious any more.

ILLEGAL immigration is a crime against America, specifically against American workers. It amounts to In-Sourcing cheap labor that lowers the wage floor for ALL American workers.

NO ONE has ever countered that assertion of mine, because there appears to be no logical, pragmatic counter-argument.

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