Friday, March 10, 2017

The WRONG Focus on Violent Protests

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Lawmakers across the country are looking at ratcheting up penalties for violent protests, which is fine, although it's kind of like gun control, we already have scores of felony laws on the books that violent protesters are in violation of (destruction of property, assault, etc.). Those laws merely need to be enforced, with harsher penalties. (

The problem with this push is that it's actually the WRONG focus on these new forms of protests...the paymaster.

Protests that are not organic and done voluntarily aren't really protests, they are, in effect, criminal conspiracies and should be treated that way.

For instance, if there were some mythical Left-wing Billionaire...kind of an oxymoron, no? I mean imagine IF a George Soros had not been a helpmate to his uncle, a Nazi collaborator...OR if dozens of American Tech Billionaires DIDN'T support paving over the world's beautiful mosaic of various cultures and heritages to make it easier for THEM to conduct global trade?

Hmmmmm....OK, so maybe there are a lot of Leftist Billionaires. So imagine if one of them decided to pay for protests, that is, to pay to help people travel from one location to another, to conduct training in how to avoid arrest, to disrupt speech that "promotes hateful ideas," etc. ALL, ostensibly, "good things" in that they aren't designed to promote violence, right? It doesn't matter. According to the laws against racketeering and criminal conspiracy, that paymaster, in funding such an action/operation, assumes responsibility for all outcomes. That means that if a given event has 100 incidents of violence, that paymaster can and should legally be "on the hook," so to speak, for inciting/funding them, even if the perpetrators of those actions weren't among the paid protesters.

THAT is the legal construct which Jefferson Sessions effectively used to bankrupt the Alabama KKK.

It's also why Jeff Sessions is so necessary as Attorney General AND why he scares Leftists from Chuck Schumer to Nancy Pelosi so much. A proper focus for a Sessions Department of Justice (DoJ) would be to focus those constructs on Left-wing groups from ANSWER, to the New Black Panther Party to the Action Network, ACTION United, etc. AND those individuals associated with funding such entities.

The question some ask is, "How is disruption, violence? Don't protesters have an equal right to free speech in shouting down those they vehemently disagree with and feel are poisoning the atmosphere with hateful discourse?"

It’s NOT "freedom of expression" to deny another the right to speak, so merely shouting someone down and effectively keeping them from speaking IS a form of is denying that person their inalienable right to freedom of expression.

Of course, most such "protests," are also often physically violent, like the one against the GREAT Charles Murray at Middlebury College ( this past Thursday, March 2nd, 2017.

The relentless attacks on Jeff Sessions, a man of much higher moral character than the likes of Ramsey Clark, Janet Reno and Eric Holder is about the fear that Jeff Sessions will RIGHTFULLY transform the DoJ and begin using RICO statutes and "Criminal Conspiracy" charges against Left-wing groups, effectively silencing the opposition to the Trump administration's plans to change both America's demographics (via E-Verify and other such anti-ILLEGAL immigration measures) AND its voting patterns (via "Voter ID" laws and other such plans) that run counter to what the Left calls, "A half century of slow progress" in America.

Well, that's a part of what America voted for in 2016. Elections DO have consequences.

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