Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Loss of Andrew Breitbart Was Disastrous for America

Before Trump, before BREXIT, way before the West’s current and ongoing anti-globalist Spring, there was Andrew Breitbart exposing the underpinnings of "the organized Left" - SEIU, then ACORN, former student radicals from Bill Ayers to Eric Holder to David Axelrod...and he exposed their primary enablers, the so-called "mainstream media."

Ironically enough, the exit of Andy Breitbart didn't end that crusade, it nourished it. NOW, there are hundreds of diffuse and disconnected Breitbart's. In a sense, our anti-Nationalist/anti-American political establishment and media is being dismantled by a loose, disconnected array of "sleeper cells." The "organized Left" is being toppled by the "disorganized Right"!

While Andrew Breitbart didn't live to see BREXIT, or Trump...somewhere, he's smiling.
Listen to his views in this video and see if you can actually disagree with any of them.

The Best of Andrew Breitbart 

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