Saturday, March 4, 2017

Iran is a Primary Sponsor of Terrorism...and a VERY Real "Enemy of the United States"...

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...And yet, we negotiated with them!

In fact, Barack Obama had an Iranian Muslim (Valerie Jarrett) as his chief-of-Staff.

Now, the SAME "media," peopled by numerous operatives from the various Intelligence Agencies, that daily, worries about our "alienating China," seemingly push for veritable war with Russia!

HOW does ANY of that make sense?

Since the USSR broke apart and Soviet Communism died, Russia has NOT been much of a friend, but they haven’t been an enemy either.

Our own NSA has said that it's more than likely that "disgruntled tech workers," NOT Russia were behind the "DNC email release."…/nsa-whistleblower-us-intelligenc… Which is in-line with what Julian Assange said..."It was a LEAK, not a HACK."

So, what's behind this "Progressive Democrat"/Corporate Media hysteria over Russia?

YES, Russia, as well as a number of other nations have reached out to monetize certain American Alternative Media sources, even a number of modestly popular blogs.

Those bloggers were already Nationalist, so their monetizing those blogs didn't seem to change their views one bit.

Funny story...maybe NOT so funny story, WE (our government) has done the SAME in other countries for a very, VERY long time.

There really appears to be nothing to see here.

IF it turns out that the Democratic political managers and our Corporate media are blatantly "fishing" for ANYTHING to remove this uncontrolled and apparently uncontrollable outsider (Trump), it may hopefully lead to the transfer of our media to "America First" hands.

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