Saturday, March 4, 2017

Incompetence at the Oscars, Mirrors the Incompetence of the Left...

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Whoooops! Oscars flub BIG Night!

It just keeps on happening. Just last week, the media rushed to debunk Trump's claims of "chaos in Sweden." The "major" news outlets all laughed about "Trump's fictitious claims of a terror attack in Sweden"....only Trump wasn't talking about any "Terror attack," he allegedly was referring to a "widely debunked" Fox News (Amy Horowitz) report on rampant violent crime perpetrated by Muslim Sweden.

EXCEPT...that report WASN'T "widely debunked," in fact it appears UNDERSTATED. (…/sweden-asylum-seekers-violence

ALL of Western Europe is under siege from Muslim migrant thugs.

THAT'S primarily, what has fueled the rise of the Right in Europe. Polls regularly show that over 80% of Europeans want to expel ALL Muslims, NOT just recent migrants.

At any rate, this "Swedish debacle" is only the latest in how unseen events keep on frustratingly backing up Trump!

Last year around this time, the NY Times blared, "Donald Trump Finds a New Enemy...Brussels," inanely insinuating that Brussels circa 2016 hadn't descended into the hell hole Donald Trump claimed.

Then, on March 22nd, 2016, as if to amplify and validate Trump's claims THIS (
) happened and Brussels was awash in blood. Later on, the trail of a French terror cell that had orchestrated some Paris terror attacks led to...Brussels.

World events just keep making Trump look prescient...and his adversaries foolish!
No surprise, it happened yet AGAIN, at last night's Oscars.

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