Thursday, March 23, 2017

IF Only We Could Deport Some of Our Liberal Loons and Keep Some of the Hard-Working ILLEGAL/Undocumented Workers...

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Nice thought....BUT who'd take'm?

Besides, I wouldn't wish these hipster duffuses on anyone.

I despise these Leftist "pinky-waving," Ruskie-hatin', fruits who constantly compare anyone they don't like to Hitler...ALWAYS "Hitler," NEVER Stalin, or Mao, BOTH of whom were far, FAR worse (in terms of outright mass murder) than Hitler ever was.

As I've said forever, my problem with ILLEGAL immigration isn't the people, it's the economic bomb that it creates. ILLEGAL immigration amounts to In-Sourcing cheap labor, which lowers the wage floor for all American workers.

ILLEGAL immigration IS NOT an "immigration problem," it's an ILLICIT employer problem."

I DON'T hate Russia any more than I do Mexico. I want Mexico to remain MEXICAN, with it's unique heritage and culture. I want the SAME for Russia, China, Germany, England, Japan and America too.

Somewhere along the line...(oh yeah...right after they publicly executed John F. Kennedy and replaced Camelot with a shit-kicker, a$$hole from Texas who had a paid hitman (Malcolm "Mack" Wallace) on his payroll and whose best bud, Billy Sol Estes, was a lifelong, lowlife scam artist)...America was transformed from what it was through the 50s and early 60s (the most advanced and powerful nation on Earth) into something it was NEVER intended to be; "The First Universal Nation."

NOW, globalist/INTERNATIONALIST scum, like Merkel and others are attempting to do the SAME to Europe.

For those living ANYWHERE else...KNOW that they'll be coming for YOUR heritages and cultures next.

Nationalism is humanity's fight.

HELL, as much as jihadism BEGAN as an anti-Western, "leave us the f*ck alone," Arab-Muslim form of Nationalism I can respect that.

What I CAN'T respect or accept is jihadists looking to bring their Sharia morality to other lands, cultures and heritages that don't share their enthusiasm for abusing women, slaughtering gays and treating non-Muslims as 3rd, or 4th class citizens.

If you're living in Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Iceland, Japan, Nigeria, Russia, etc. what's happening to America and Europe SHOULD chill you to the bone. THIS is the "One Worlder's" blue print for global subjugation ...which is their version of "globalism."

Europe's rising Nationalism its BREXIT, its LePen's, its Wilders', etc. and America's Trump amount to "JFK's revenge." This is the anti-Communist, anti-One Worlder Kennedy's retaliation against the fat, dumb, lazy, smelly globalists that now populate the UN, the U.S. State Dept, America's Intelligence agencies, the IMF and the World Bank.

Yes, it's late in the game for that revenge...VERY late, but also very, VERY necessary!

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