Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hmmmmm....THIS is Where We NEED Steve Bannon to Take on The Persona of Longshanks (the English King in "Braveheart")...

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In the wake of the assault on radio star Michael Savage in his hometown of San Francisco;

Longshanks/Bannon: "If they can openly attack our media mavens in San Francisco (York), they can invade rural America (Lower England)!

"What to do...I cannot send any of the gentle folk from our Intelligence Services, no, their mere presence would only inspire them to even greater violence...and the next time it could be MY head in a basket." (SEE 2:15 of this clip;

Savage has said, "Liberalism is a mental disorder," I'd define it more directly as "an emotional disturbance." What kind of 6'5" dolt attacks a 5'6" 74 y/o? The SAME kind of mental defective who imagines Mike Savage, Steve Bannon and/or Donald Trump as Hitler! Such people are very deeply emotionally disturbed!

HOW can we fix such a mass emotional disturbance, absent inevitable violence?

Hard to figure that one out.

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