Friday, February 3, 2017

Why America's Deep Political Divisions Are a Blessing...

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Many people complain about the political Balkanization of America.


I see it as a natural, even a good thing.

We have a media that has long sold out to Internationalist/One World interests. Those are interests that are antithetical to American interests...OUR National/Nationalist interests.

Today, our media is increasingly seen for what it is and a huge segment of the American people ignore it. As a result Left and Right get their information from completely different sources, with neither side accepting the legitimacy of the other's sources. As a result most people in America today, live within an information bubble, Left, or Right...and there's virtually no intersection, no commonality.

There are some who say, "Our media cannot directly appeal to, or make arguments in favor of internationalism/One Worldism, they can only deride patriotism and attack patriotic citizens (Nationalists) as "White, or Black Nationalists," implying a non-existent bigotry, so as to tacitly support, or aid Internationalism."

"Duke," they say, BUT "Duck," I says.

The truth, in my view, is there's no one within this anti-American media who CAN actually make a cogent argument FOR internationalism.

Seriously, does ANYONE believe the likes of Chris Matthews, Jake Tapper, Rachel Maddow, Wolfie Blitzer, or Megyn Kelly COULD make such an argument?

If you do, I can say with certainty that you are most sorely mistaken. As it's commonly observed, "They CAN'T do the math," and it takes quite a bit of math to do that.

The 1974 paper that conclusively proved socialism's Command (government-run) Economy cannot work was 97 pages comprised almost entirely of differential equations. I believe it is currently stored in Dartmouth University's library.

I can't say whether any in our media have seen that paper, or not, although I will say that I don't believe any of them could possibly make heads or tails of it.

Differential equations are...hard, much harder than offering their baseless opinions.

So, now the globalist Corporate heads are in a panic, lashing out at their failed political-media class.

And that crew HAS indeed failed...epically! BUT, much of that failure is a failure on the part of the so-called "Global elite," as they're the ones who put this American political-media class together in the first place.

As a result, a dangerous, uncontrolled outsider (anti-Internationalist) has taken the U.S. Presidency.
They planned on an insider (Ms. Clinton) to help the Merkel’s and others tamp down Europe's exploding Nationalism.

Now, they must move to Plan B...or is it Plan T by now? They are pretty far down the road.

Perhaps the true Internationalists should look around their own table. Not all of their global Conglomerate cohorts seem to share their One World enthusiasm. The Muslim migration to Europe was no accident, no was a "poison pill" designed by insiders to undermine the push for a more homogeneous, allegedly more harmonious globe. It seems as though some of their "friends," may not be actual "friends."

For better, or worse...and I say much BETTER, Nationalism seems resurgent around the world. Moreover, should Trump, LePen, Wilders and the others in this first wave fail, that movement only seems poised to grow...louder, and perhaps bloodier, if need be, but this time there are those poised to bring such a war to the doors of the wealthy, Internationalists.

I wonder how well they can fight.

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