Friday, February 3, 2017

Apparently Maxine Waters Thinks Campaigning is an Impeachable Offense

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Maxine Waters

It's actually gratifying to see that the U.S. Congress is in adherence with The Americans with Disabilities Act, admits the mentally/emotionally handicapped into its ranks.

Here, Congress's Village Idiot claims that, "If we can show the Trump team came up with names, like "Crooked Hillary," or put out that, "She's sick, her energy is low," then we might have grounds for impeachment."

YES, Donald J. Trump DID come up with all those names, "Lyin' Ted," "Little Marco" and "Crooked Hillary," and his campaign DID jump on Clinton's apparent health issues...ALL par for the course in political campaigning, NONE of that grounds for impeachment, which must be based on "High crimes while IN Office."

THIS is why government doesn't work, too many people in it don't even understand it

Of course, this is the SAME person who once claimed that if up to her, she'd nationalize America's energy companies...exactly what Hugo Chavez did en route to destroying Venezuela's economy.

This is the kind of person who could easily survive a massive stroke (drats!) her brain's already dead.

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