Tuesday, January 17, 2017

WHY No BLM Outrage?!

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The "War on Police" is also a war on America's productive working class of ALL backgrounds. It's, in essence, a war, perpetrated by the marginal and dysfunctional against the productive.

America's founding documents were NEVER intended to "mainstream," or legitimize the marginal and dysfunctional human refuse among us. The non-productive and dysfunctional among us deserve to be marginalized, they NEED to be marginalized.

Yet that's been "Liberalism's"/"Progressivism's" 50-year crusade - to legitimize and mainstream the dysfunctional, the unproductive and the dispossessed. That's why that ideology is an enemy to ALL that is good and decent.

No group has been more aligned with that sinister campaign than BLM, or "Black Lives Matter." BLM is an anti-Law Enforcement, anti-productive citizen group that openly fights for the "rights" of the marginalized and dysfunctional. They exist as a veritable "Thug's Union."

Last weekend an Arizona Trooper was shot while responding to a rollover accident. Trooper Ed Andersen was shot at least twice by Leonard-Penuelas-Escobar, an ILLEGAL immigrant (termed "Out of Status" by news organizations....SAME thing) from Mexico who'd served several years in that country's corrupt federal police force. (http://ktla.com/2017/01/16/good-samaritan-who-killed-gunman-attacking-arizona-trooper-says-god-put-him-at-crash-scene-sources/)

In short, Penuelas-Escobar was a lifelong scumbag.

An as yet, unidentified motorist stopped his car, saw Penuelas-Escobar beating on the stricken Trooper who then asked the motorist for help. The guy went back to his car, retrieved his own pistol and ordered the assailant off the Trooper. When the thug ignored his lawful commands, the motorist shot and killed Leonard Penuelas-Escobar, thereby ending his earthly criminal pursuits.

Sooooo, WHY no phony outrage from BLM?

WHAT?! Hispanics don't count?!

ILLEGAL immigrants don't count?!

Seriously, what's the problem here?

In fact, you might very well say that the trend of armed citizens defending police might be viewed as "troubling" from the perspective of those who support the "rights" of the marginalized and dysfunctional among us.

So, why no outrage?

Has BLM lost its steam?

Has George Soros stopped funding them after losing about $1 BILLION after Trump's election?

(As an aside, Soros taking a billion dollar financial bath is by itself reason enough to celebrate Trump's unlikely election)

AND this case in Arizona is hardly a lone event, or "one off." This past November in Florida, a similar event took place (http://www.leoaffairs.com/featured/breaking-civilian-shoots-kills-man-attacking-deputy-florida/) AND the guy in that case who was attacking a cop (Ed Strother) was....black.

Yeah, it seems that BLM has run out of George Soros' money! They must pay their leadership really well...along with the $15/hr for rioters...I mean "protesters."

No...THIS right here is a trend. Even kids are getting in on the fun! In November of 2015 a 13 y/o in Charleston, South Carolina opened fire on two home invaders, killing Lamar Brown (yup, he be black) and scaring his partner Ira Bennett (also black, NOT to be confused with Ira Bielford, Ira Silverman, or Ira Glassman, or any other Jewish "Ira's") shitless. (http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/south-carolina-boy-13-fatally-shoots-burglar-wounds-second-suspect-n462006)

Mr. Bennett was apprehended a block away from the scene of the crime and a heartless sheriff's deputy subsequently asked the judge to deny bond on the burglary/home invasion charge because of "the serious nature of this crime," adding, "Unfortunately, we lost an individual who died and a 13-year-old child lost his innocence after having to fire."

(Hmmmm, I'm not sure it's too "unfortunate" that Mr. Brown died. I see that as pretty much a "Win-Win" here)

At any rate, Bond was denied on the burglary charge/home invasion charge, but Mr. Bennett was given a $50,000 bond on the weapons charge. Mr. Brown, of course, didn't need any Bond, as he was happily deceased.

STILL, it's kind of odd that once AGAIN....no faux-outrage either from BLM or any of the other groups that so earnestly support the "rights" of the dysfunctional and marginalized among us.

I VERY MUCH DO NOT support the rights of the marginalized and dysfunctional among us. NOT at all. Hell, I'd like to give this kid a year's free pass to the closest gun range...not that he seems to need it. Just for fun....nothing more than that!

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