Saturday, January 7, 2017

Smerconish's WRONG Call

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Michael Smerconish

Unspoken BUT very clearly stated in this video is that Michael Smerconish believes ANYONE who supports ANY political ideology, Left, Right, or Center on their time away from work SHOULD BE fired, "It's the right call." (

Aramark has every right to fire any "at will" employee, for any reason, or no reason at all. That’s what "at will" means, BUT firing people over controversial or unpopular views is NOT "the right call."

Should Aramark now be pressured to fire any vendor who supports Black Lives Matter (BLM), the Aryan Nation, the Black Israelites, the Libertarian Party, PETA?

ALL of those groups are controversial and hold to many unpopular, even objectionable views.

No, this wasn't "the right call." What's more, for consistency sake it MUST lead to Aramark scouring the social media of all its employees in order to, in effect, "balance the books."

I, like millions of other Americans, see BLM as a "Hate Group," and I DO find much of their anti-cop, racist anti-white views highly objectionable, but I no more support the firing of a BLM supporters for expressing their views away from work than I do the firing of "Pistachio Girl."

That said, I DO support any group now coming forward to put pressure on Aramark to be scour their worker's social media pages to "balance the ideological books," so they DON'T appear as they actually do favor some controversial and objectionable views over others.

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