Sunday, December 18, 2016

Could the Jill Stein Recount Really Shed Light on Massive Voting Irregularities?...

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Maybe the DNC got suckered...hard to tell, YET, but early indications are showing that in Michigan's largest county (Wayne), which votes heavily Democratic, as many as 59% of the ballots may be improper and unable to be counted! (

No wonder Pennsylvania looked to shut down the recount with a hastily pressed "deadline." ALL the more reason to scrutinize PA...especially eastern PA (ie. Philly) where previous accusations of numerous voter issues have been routine.

What the ongoing recounts are uncovering is not as much outright voter fraud, but voting "irregularities," like many ballots being counted twice.

As badly needed as a full audit of the Federal Reserve is, a full investigation into our entire electoral system, from the local level up, seems even more necessary.

The shock of Democratic insiders and media people seems NOT because they were surprised by Trump's vote totals, but that they seem to have BELIEVED that they had this one safely "in the bag" (stolen. Most of the "insiders" seemed to believe it was "already won."

Apparently a few local election officials underestimated the amount of electoral malfeasance that would be necessary.

Jill Stein's targeting a few usually reliably Democratic swing states for her targeted recount, should open the door to a nationwide recount and reassessment of the election.

The primary issue should be reforming this to the extent it can never happen again and with the GOP of 31 State Houses they're just one state legislature away from being able to force the strictest of reforms. Right after reform must come arrests of those directly involved in any demonstrable malfeasance.

Jill Stein may have slipped a poison pill to the DNC & "the Clinton machine," and in the process done a LOT to bolster some apparently much needed electoral reform.

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