Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WHO is Charles Walz?

WHO is Charles Walz?

He's the scumbag who posted this (SEE ABOVE) vile ISIS-like screed! How many more people in America (they are NOT AMERICANS, just "people living in America") feel the way this miscreant cretin does?

Dopes like this act as if they have no choice, or that they're, as the late, great Curly Howard (of the 3 Stooges) was won't to put it, "A victim of soy-com-stance."

It's ALL choice. YOU can CHANGE just about anything.

Don't like your religion...YOU can CHANGE it.

Don't like your political affiliation...YOU can CHANGE that too.

Hell, if you don't like your birth gender...YOU can even CHANGE that. (Just ask Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner)

AND...IF you find you don't like your country, or the majority of your countrymen...YOU can definitely CHANGE that.

JUST LEAVE! It ain't that hard. Figure it out.

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