Friday, November 25, 2016

Understanding the Issue of "FAKE NEWS"....

Now THIS (above) is some actual "FAKE NEWS" from a satirical site (The Onion). SEE:

These kinds of stories are obvious satire.

As opposed to FALSE News stories...that aren't deliberately "fake," but often maliciously false...other times mistakenly false. It's CAN sometimes be hard to tell the difference.

Now THIS is a FALSE Story...

Easy to look up...and I KNOW Snopes has had its own miscues and a checkered past...but you won't find a backup to this story anywhere.

Again, it's EASY to spot fake news accounts online, what most people have a harder time seeing is all the editorializing (inserting OPINION) in actual news accounts by our MSM.

Now THIS is a maliciously FALSE NEWS story! NBC Caught Editing Reince Priebus' quote on Muslims! 

Image result for Chuck Todd Reince Priebus

There's no doubt that THIS is MALICIOUSLY FALSE "news" intended to mold public opinion.

AND so is THIS:

See this? SAME newspaper, 2 very different almost antithetical headlines!

What America's mainstream national media engages in is offering us maliciously FALSE NEWS, intended to alter public perception and yet they pretend that America's new media and preferred media offers us "fake news."

Our media is as controlled, filtered and even scripted as Pravda once was.

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