Sunday, November 27, 2016

THIS is What The Moronic Globalists Are Trying to Merge With the West

The Arab-Muslim world was twice aligned with Germany....Funny story, so we're the Rothschild's.

Iran's Baath Party, which Saddam Hussein ran, was Iran's Nazi Party.

To this day many in the Arab-Muslim world are unrepentant Nazis.

Somehow things like this still shock silly Westerners.

For his part, Hitler lamented Germany's infection with alien Christianity, which he claimed was an ideological weapon of the Jews. He said Germany would've been better served by adherence to warrior religions like Shintoism or Islam.

Bottom line, the Sharia-adhering Arab-Muslim World has every right to their own culture, heritage, customs and traditions.

The boneheads in Brussels and among the so-called "Corporate global elite" have no right, nor rational reason to inflict this antithetical and incompatible culture on the West.


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