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The Dangerous Outrage of the Naïve and Misinformed

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The idea put forth by Abby M. Norman (“Actually, If You Voted For Trump Or Third-Party, Don’t Unfriend Me” @abbymnorman – on Medium and since removed), among others, that “The Trump Vote was a vote for bigotry and hate,” is simply a low-information opinion, born of an abject ignorance of our own history.

America was attacked by international financial interests right after the Civil War and those attacks were relentless up until the point when America was conquered without a shot ever being fired, in 1913.

A half century later, yet another American President was assassinated because he dared to challenge that same consortium of international banks that now comprise the Federal Reserve. JFK’s issuing “Silver Certificates” was a move to directly undermine the Fed and he paid for it with his life.

Today, America, like the rest of the West is, for all intents and purposes, OWNED and run by a consortium of global financial “elites.”

Over the past quarter-century they’ve accelerated the ending of national sovereignty and begun seeking to meld humanity into a more homogeneous, more unified global consumer class.

That’s been advanced in the name of a failed doctrine called “multiculturalism.”

YES, multiculturalism has failed. It choked on the “poison pill” of Islamic immigration. It IS impossible to meld together people who hold disparate moralities and no two moral codes are more different, even antithetical to each other than are that of the West’s Judeo-Christian morality and that of Islam’s Sharia moral code. Europe saw that with “The Rape of Cologne” and now the Merkel’s and their managers in Brussels are in full retreat as the LePen’s, the Matteo’s and other alleged “far-Right” leaders surge to power as the European people belatedly find their fangs.

Virtually ALL decent people seem to oppose the global elite’s plan to remake humanity over in their own mostly Anglo-American image. The jihadist movement within Islam is, in part, a rebellion against this, so are Russia’s and China’s growing antipathy toward the U.S.

Our cultures and heritages mean a LOT to us, for many, they mean EVERYTHING! So, this rebellion against global unity and multiculturalism certainly seems right and just.

Trump was as inevitable as BREXIT and the coming collapse of the EU. The multiculturalists have it wrong.

Worse still, is that too many Americans today seem blithely unaware that the ACA (“Obamacare”) has already failed. Premiums have exploded across markets throughout the nation and the vast majority of good, decent, “Make’m PAY first” Americans are outraged over that part of the ACA that amounts to a scheme that would deliberately and outrageously raise premiums on high income earners so that low income earners could access “free health care.” That’s NOT merely un-American, it’s positively Stalinist.

The ACA can’t be “fixed,” it was written by the Insurers themselves, which is why “We couldn’t know what was in it...until we passed it.” Since it’s beyond repair, it must be scrapped and replaced. That won’t be easy, so long as there exist horrific people intent on punishing the most productive Americans to benefit the least productive, the weakest, the most reckless and dysfunctional.

But the idea that high income earning Americans owe lower income Americans “free stuff,” isn’t just selfishly obscene, it’s absolutely immoral, as such a transfer amounts to organized, albeit “official” theft and the enslavement of the most productive for the benefit of some nebulous “common good.”

We’ve just seen yet another implosion of socialism in Venezuela. That criminal government nationalized it’s once productive and prosperous oil industry and reduced working hours (and pay for existing workers), so they could hire tens of thousands of new workers, ostensibly to “lift them from poverty.”

The results were predictably disastrous and the entire economy has imploded. THAT is the scourge of socialism.

There are some who sympathize with the advocates of socialism, especially the young and naive, as “People who are merely guilty of wishing it’d rain rootbeer,” but I’m not nearly as forgiving, because I care deeply about people and their individual liberty and I’ve seen socialism’s very deadly results. As a result, I tend to see such people as malicious, as “economic terrorists,” not merely naive simpletons.

So, Donald Trump’s win was NOT about the personality or the many flaws (intemperate speech, impulsive reactionary tweeting, etc.) but in a deep and abiding antipathy among a very large and increasing number of Americans that their voices are not merely discounted but mocked and that BOTH the media and the two major political Parties have become fully owned subsidiaries of more global financial interests.

It is unlikely that such people are entirely wrong and even IF, as some claim, that both those in our media and within our “political class” aren’t conjoined in ownership by any outside fiscal interests, that they just happen to agree on things like, “Nationalism is a dead concept,” and that “Multiculturalism and the replacing of old, divisive cultures is the path to a better world,” well the chances that such a large swath of people would come to agree upon things the vast majority of the rest of humanity find patently offensive and dangerously wrong-headed, seems, well, remote, at best.

The really strange thing about all this Anti-Trump hysteria is that Donald Trump has never been a “far-Right” Conservative. In fact, he’s hardly been a “Conservative” at all. He’s supported abortion at least through the 1st Trimester, as 2/3s of Americans do and opposes late term (“Partial Birth”) abortion, again, as 2/3s of Americans do. He’s supported gay rights, along with a majority of Americans. He also supports a more limited government, once again, as the overwhelming bulk of Americans do. He’s donated heavily to politicians from BOTH major Parties and like the vast majority of Americans black and white and everything in between, he’s been fiercely pro-Law Enforcement.

NONE of those are anything close to “controversial” positions.

Yes, as a businessman, he’s seen the failures of government-run industries and economies around the world and opposes socialism, for many of the SAME reasons that I do and have enumerated above. Ultimately because, contrary to our wishful thinking, it just CAN’T rain rootbeer!

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