Friday, November 18, 2016

Thar's GOLD in THEM THAR Protests!

We've all heard about "Pay-to-Play," but "Pat-to-Riot," that's a new one.

Well, not exactly new, I mean George Soros and company aren't really that imaginative, so they appear to have ripped off an idea by some Austrian know, frustrated painter, silly, tooth brush mustache..the bunker...the Bunker...the BUNKER!

Yeah, you know who I mean.

Anyway, they're apparently trying to reform the Brown Shirts with a "Pay-to-Riot" scheme...and it seems to pay OK. (…/

Yeah, note to would-be's generally a really bad idea to try and forge an army out of spoiled college kids and the BLM brigades. Kind of like going up against the Police with a collection of cowardly lions and scare crows - the outcome's NOT in doubt and it WON'T be pretty.

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