Sunday, November 27, 2016

Racist "Progressives"...

Maybe it's true that "Everyone loves a good old fashioned racially/ethnically insensitive joke...or three."

The dimwitted Gigi Hadid kinda, sorta proved that by mocking Melania Trump's accent among other things at the recent AMA Awards.

Sooooo...what'd that prove? Other than making fun of immigrants over their various and sundry accents and generally "funny waya tawkin" is...absolutely FINE!

After all, not only did Hadid tell the joke, millions of (apparently regressive) "progressives" laughed.

Behold the complete hypocrisy of this "modern Left," that puts the lie to every ideal it claims to profess, a group whose very own words and actions undermine all they claim to espouse.

So, what's the big deal about racially insensitive jokes, again?

According to Gigi Hadid's fans...apparently it's no big deal at all.

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