Wednesday, November 30, 2016

PREACH IT Herman!...100% Correct About “Fake News”!

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Herman Cain

It's funny that the new focus of our completely Corporately owned Old Media (after being outmaneuvered by the New Media in the last election) is on...."fake news." (

EVERYONE (literally EVERYONE) KNOWS that Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Maddow, NY Times OpEds, etc are all COMMENTARY/OPINION.

The Weekly World News, Before It's News, The Onion, etc. are all SATIRICAL sites...COMEDY, not "news."

What's really problematic is the incredible amount of commentary/opinion routinely slipped into alleged "news stories" by our corrupt, disreputable Old Media.

There are occasional email chains (like the one about the alleged "Retired Army Sgt Gregory Hayes" SEE BELOW) that are maliciously false stories...BUT two clicks is all it takes to find no documented evidence for such reports exist.

The "Fake News" that SHOULD most concern us is all the editorializing and the "lying by ommission," as in the case of Jeff Sessions that continues to go on in our Old Media.

Fake "News"

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