Sunday, November 27, 2016

NOT That Smart...and NOT Too Brave...

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Ruth Bader-Ginsburg

Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsburg won't be leaving the U.S. after all (who among these overfed, spoiled rich folks are?), as she humbly explains, "The country needs smart, brave people like me." (

Hmmmm, I never met a single good fireman who ever referred to himself as, "brave." They never had to.

Ginsburg disgraced the court earlier by involving herself in the election, which not only set a humiliating precedent for the court, but kind of lends credence to the view that Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsburg are all especially driven by their warped Leftist ideology.

Here's hoping the Trump administration gets to appoint 3 or 4 justices...I LOVE their list.

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