Friday, November 25, 2016

Is the 2016 Election Really Over?

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Well, technically, not exactly.

The real election (the Electoral College vote) occurs on December 19th, 2016, that's three weeks from this coming Monday.

There's been talks of attempts to have many of the Electoral College electors vote against their constituencies (…/meet-the-hamilton-elec…/508433/

Now there's talk of a targeted recount (PA., WI. & MI.), BUT that too, is problematic legally as the law clearly requires that any such "recount" also vet the votes...that is account for any and all voting discrepancies (double votes, unregistered voters voting, dead people left on the rolls voting) and, of course, undocumented immigrants and other non-citizens voting.

Already there are numerous voter fraud lawsuits being initiated against mostly Democratic precincts, like in Florida (…/tens-of-thousands-of-ballots-set-asid…
) and other locales, as well.

). Even the recent Obama DoJ's actions seem geared to enabling voter fraud (…
). Looking to find "legal means" to enable non-citizen voting amounts to supporting "voter fraud."

) about the SAME DNC operative sued over rigging the Democratic Primaries AGAINST Bernie Sanders is pushing for an ILLEGAL targeted recount that DOESN'T vet the vote in PA., MI. & WI.)

December 19th is one day to keep a focus on, but this election may not be finalized until January 20th (Inauguration Day).

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