Saturday, November 19, 2016


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Officer Foley of GA

AG Jefferson Sessions will be a Conservative Eric Holder.

Like Holder, Sessions has some "past racial baggage." Like with Holder...we're all just gonna have to deal with it.

BLM will be defunded. In may even be listed as a "Domestic Terror Group."

Laws will be considered that would criminalize paying protesters.

H-1B Visas will (HOPEFULLY) be drastically cut. E-Verify will make it easier to go after "ILLICIT Employers." When the jobs dry up, so will ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Goodbye to the "ILLEGAL immigrant vote."

Voter ID Laws look far more likely.

All of those things will DEFUND & DEFANG the far-Left.

We're just 2 months away from a brutal crackdown on scumbags who attack our Law Enforcement. (Like in this case;

The smartest heads on the Left will bunker down (HIDE, or "Shelter-in-Place"), or grab a helmet...the not-so-smart are at risk for serious cranial injuries.

The shitstorm that Soros, BLM, Clinton & Merkel triggered is coming.

The storm clouds are on the near horizon.

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