Thursday, November 17, 2016

Garrison Keillor Predicts "Trump Voters Won't Like What Comes Next"...

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Garrison Keillor

I mean, WHEN did Garrison Keillor, of all people, the guy who made his "media bones" as a hillbilly from the hoot (with "Lake Woebegone Days") become part of any "elite"? Is it mere money that some think "elite" status is based upon? In THAT case, Trump, even Ice T and Kid Rock all qualify too.

There IS a very real global Corporate "elite" and they OWN and control our media, they OWN and control both major political Parties & they don't consider politicians & media-types anything other than what they are - "the hired help."

Being part of the REAL global Corporate "elite's" hired help does NOT make YOU part of that "elite."

Trump's election was America's BREXIT. This is a WAR between those who favor a more unified, ultimately more homogeneous world vs those who support our varied & unique cultures & heritages. Arab-Muslims no more want to be subsumed into our "decadent Western culture" than Westerners want to adopt Sharia morality. Even the Dali Lama has come around..."Germany MUST remain German in every way," he rightly says.

I'm a modern admixture, 3/8 Northern Italian (swept into that region with the Hapsburg Empire, so with roots in Austria & northern Hungary), 1/8th of that northern Italian family was Jewish, 3/8 Irish and 1/8 Welsh. I'm married to a woman born & raised in Jamaica. I have an engineering degree, a Masters in Environmental Science...AND I fervently oppose the internationalism/globalism of this global Corporate pseudo-elite.

I SHOULD BE, by all accounts, "down with this remaking of mankind"...only I'm not.

So, WHY is that?

I believe in part it's because they've failed to market this properly for one thing...and their bought-and-paid for media have failed, out of either laziness, or incompetence, or BOTH to make the case for "putting away old things" - like the vestiges of cultures that no longer exist and have no part in this new world."

Hey! Maybe they should've hired engineers to do that work instead of the collection of Arts & Humanities, English and History majors that populate the media now-a-days.

As was said in 2008, "Elections have consequences," & Trump's election is change. Right now BREXIT is winning & the globalists are losing. this failed media should pay a price!

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Skunkfeathers said...

Keillor has nothing relevant to offer here. Except more bitching from the left.

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