Saturday, November 19, 2016

Freedom of SPEECH...YES, it Remains More Vital Than Ever...

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Lincoln Restler's Family

A "Senior aide" To Mayor Bill DeBlasio (Lincoln Restler) is under fire for an offensive tweet...a photo of his parents and sister holding signs...his sister's especially racist and egregious. (

Still, calls for him to be punished, even fired are troubling to me.

Mr. Restler has every right to his opinions. Those who don't like them, shouldn't vote for this administration down the road, BUT our 1st Amendment exists SPECIFICALLY to defend/protect unpopular, controversial, even hateful ideas and speech. No other ones need such protection.

Lincoln Restler first deleted that tweet, then took his Twitter Acct down, but in reality that photo resonates extremely negatively with anyone opposed to racial bigotry and small-mindedness.

In short, that photo has done more to help any future DeBlasio foe than it did to galvanize it's intended anti-white racist base.

Regardless, I support the 1st Amendment, and so, I support it for ALL. No ideas are "off limits." The Communist should no more be sanctioned then the Nazi, the white supremacist no more sanctioned than the black supremacist.

THAT'S what "supporting the 1st Amendment" really means.

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