Monday, November 7, 2016

Can Trump Win?

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This is being written the night before the Election of 2016, but I’ve been mulling this over this past week.

Can Donald J. Trump actually win this election?

This is an unprecedented and historic election precisely because it seems to have delivered exactly what America’s electorate deserves; a “Reality TV Election!”

That’s what we’ve had, a year-long Reality TV election with the most outrageous candidates from BOTH major Parties winding up in this “steel cage death match” that will mercifully end tomorrow...or maybe within the following week...or month...or?

Donald Trump has taken on the mantle of the prototypical “In-Your-Face New Yorker.” He’s a billionaire businessman and real estate developer who talks like and connects with Blue Collar Americans.

As a result, he’s alienated both “cheap-labor” (Pro-In-Sourcing) Republicans and “cheap vote” (Pro-ILLEGAL-Immigration) Democrats...and rightly so. BOTH of those groups are and have long been solidly anti-American.

The Clintons are not merely “dishonest political opportunists who’d sell out their own families for a buck,” they embody virtually everything wrong with our existing pro-globalist, anti-American political-media class.

Meanwhile Donald Trump seems an absurd choice to represent the “America 1st, anti-globalist” American working class. He’s also let his mouth and his late-night tweeting take him off message. By mid-September, Trump’s chances seemed very dim, at best.

However, as America’s globalist (fully owned, bought and paid for by global conglomerates) media openly campaigned for Hillary, with CNN’s Jake Tapper sitting on the Board of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), while CNBC’s chief Washington correspondent John Harwood collaborated with the Clinton team on what to ask GOPe candidate Jeb Bush. WikiLeaks released emails from John Podesta that showed Harwood asking the Clinton campaign to help him brainstorm interview questions to ask Jeb Bush.

On Sunday morning, a newly-released email from Wikileaks, dated September 21, 2015, showed Harwood consulting Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on questions to ask former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. “What should I ask Jeb in Speakeasy interview tomorrow?”

That’s an outright LIE!

That collusion is very WRONG.

What he most likely meant is that he didn’t do anything that hasn’t been routine for a very long time, which only shows how nefarious and underhanded our Corporate media really is.

It’s hard to put much faith in the many media-manipulated polls, changing day-to-day depending on the sampling they use, more Democrats here, more independents and unaffiliateds there, etc.

BUT now, on the eve of the Election, Nate Silver who predicted a perfect 51/51 (all 50 States + the District of Columbia) in 2008 and 50/51 in 2012, now says that Hillary Clinton is “Just one state away from losing the election.” Of course, this is the SAME Nate Silver who claimed that Trump had absolutely no shot at winning the GOP Primaries back in January of 2016.

Silver says, “We show a three-point lead nationally for Clinton, 2-1 favorite. The electoral college map is less solid for Clinton than it was for Obama four years ago, where four years ago we had Obama ahead in states totaling 320 some electoral votes. Clinton has 270 so one state away from potentially losing the Electoral College...” (

The problem with this year’s polling is that there seems to be a hidden Trump vote, with many Trump supporters reluctant to divulge their choice and subject themselves to media’s ridicule.

Is that phenomenon real?

If it is, will it be enough?

The “Only poll that counts” starts tomorrow morning.

We’ll know soon enough.

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Skunkfeathers said...

We do know indeed. Hellary's past could not be spun, covered up or excused away by the lamestream servile mediocres.

Trump may not succeed with his promises and his vision.

But Hellary would have been a disaster.

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