Thursday, November 10, 2016

American BREXIT!


It actually happened. America delivered the very SAME message to the global corporate elite that England has and most of the rest of Europe wants to deliver - "Our traditions and cultures are important to us. You may worry that they divide us, but they also make us human."

Donald Trump is a flawed messenger to be sure, but against a corrupt, global Corporatist, an " ultimate insider," like Hillary Clinton, his negatives were outshone by her own.

Trump is right that this isn't about him, but is rather, "an incredible and great movement comprised of millions of hard working people who want a better life for themselves and their children."

To be honest, Hillary Clinton didn't deserve to be the first female President. She's broken. Of course, Elizabeth "Faux-ca-hontas" Warren doesn't deserve that honor either...same reason. Someone of the stature of a Condoleezza Rice would fit the bill far more appropriately.

So, now we have a complete outsider, a man with no real political experience in the White House...and it feels...hmmm...pretty good.

After all, what good has the "political experience" of G. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, even George Hebert Walker ("Pappy") Bush, or even Bara- (oh wait, Barack Obama had none either) done for us?

I also wonder how Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Bon Jovi & Beyonce feel this morning. All that work...for nothing.

Hey! Same for Hillary Clinton's real campaign team...over at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, PBS, CBS....Oh yeah and Lorne "Lame" Michaels of SNL, who did his best to "Palin" Donald Trump. Nice effort y'all.

Not only did our media get the main event wrong, but most had "Big gains in the House and a Democratic Senate" expected.

Yup, WRONG again! Today all 3 Branches of government are in CONSERVATIVE/republican hands.

The GOPe doesn't get "their Party back," and The National Review, The Weekly Standard, Glenn Beck, George Will & the rest of the "NeverTrump Right" can pretty much "suck it!" They're as good as done.

Now comes the hard part, forging a workable coalition with willing AMERICANS on issues they can agree upon. Right now, BOTH major Parties are wary at best, and revulted, at worst with this Trump ("skunk") in what they "still think" is their wood pile.

The question for January and beyond is, "Can Trump govern effectively, or will he wind up like Barack Obama, a campaigner-in-Chief"?

For now, today is America's BREXIT.

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