Sunday, October 16, 2016

When Political Groups Turn on Their Own...

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Brentley Vinson

Back in 1998 no women's groups supported Monica Lewinsky. NOW especially was too busy defending Bill Clinton.

The excuse most often offered was that they feared that alienating then President Clinton might mean a decrease in funding STILL rings hollow. The Executive Branch doesn't control government funding, CONGRESS does!

Worse still, the "Lewinsky Affair" put the lie to NOW's earlier claims that relationships within a "differential in power" (ie. a corporate executive and a 21 y/o secretary) were de facto "abusive." Their response to the Lewinsky Affair did a LOT to undermine NOW's stated mission of defending women's rights.

At the time, NOW and other such groups treated Monica Lewinsky as though she were not an actual woman. That gave resonance to Rush Limbaugh's long-stated claims that NOW was merely the "National Organization for LIBERAL Women."

This past Tuesday, the NAACP did pretty much the same thing to blacks in law enforcement, when it issued the statement, “Many black people who become police officers become blue, not black. In order for you to survive in a police department, you take on the police department’s ideology, ways of life, and culture,” said an NAACP representative. (

ALL members of law enforcement "become primarily BLUE," and NOT black, Irish, Jewish, German, etc. Just as judges are, they are legally mandated to base arrests on actions, not ethnicity. With that statement, the NAACP has pretty much called blacks in law enforcement, such as Brentley Vinson (pictured above), the Charlotte Police Officer who shot an armed Keith Scott, in North Carolina, an Uncle Tom who did the white man’s bidding by murdering a black man. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more offensive thing said about blacks in law enforcement.

In doing that the NAACP has just followed down the horrific and regrettable path that NOW took back in 1998!

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